Guest Post: How to deal with negativity

I came across Susan’s article and my first thought is that “I’ve got to share this on MiddleMe!” She is gracious to let me host this here and I do hope you enjoy reading her thoughts as much I do. Go and drop by her blog today!

Hello lovelies,


The best way I deal with negativity is to centre my mind and stay grounded in my thoughts. When there are negative people speaking I choose not to participate and remove myself from the situation if possible.

I’d like to share a personal story of mine’s. I deal with negativity on a daily bases and have actually became quite good at isolating myself from negativity as my own mother is such a negative person. I love her more than anything in the entire world, however, because of her life experiences, it has made her bitter.

The fact that she’s my mother has made it extremely difficult to ignore her or isolate her from my life. When I’m actively trying to lead a life of positivity and my mother being a typical Asian parent, is preaching me about life through her eyes and her life struggles. It’s very difficult to maintain a positive outlook.

I believe this is a partial reason why I’m continuously seeking ways of keeping the good vibes flowing otherwise I would fall into depression if I viewed life her way.  I try to sympathize with her views on life and look at her with eyes of compassion to help ease the situation. I know she is trying to look out for my best interest and is coming from a good place.

If any of you are reading this and in the same situation as myself, just know there is always a way to turn our negative family and the situation into a positive one. As you were raised based upon certain beliefs and it may have been influenced by culture or society. We are individual beings and will decide what we want to believe in.

It all comes down to your own choices and beliefs and you will take charge of how you will live your life. Do not allow anyone, family or not, to waiver your beliefs and decide for yourself.

As for your circle of friends, if there are any negative people, I would suggest to try and help them by finding out the root problem of their negativity and why they are being negative. This is the best solution to being a good friend. You can also talk about positive techniques that has helped you in lifting yourself up after a setback in your life. Sharing your experiences and how you felt at the time will help that friend who is enduring a setback in their lives. Being truly authentic and transparent with your friend will encourage them to share their struggles.

Remember though, there are people who just don’t want to help, so be wise to understand when there is hope, and when it’s best to let go of negative people in your life who has no interest in helping themselves.

Negative colleagues at the workplace are also difficult as you spend so much time with them and they can have a huge influence on your day to day life. The best way I have dealt with these types of situations are to try to explain the positive side of everything they mention that’s negative. When all else fails, just focus on your individual projects or responsibilities and worry about your own work and don’t include yourself in their negative tendencies.

If this is a team project then continue to focus on your assigned task and provide your colleague with constructive feedback on how they too can be successful with their work based on what has helped you accomplish your task. Most of the time, a colleague would appreciate your kind gesture, and if they don’t then it’s a wise idea to escalate the situation to your superior.

Getting your manager involved in the situation is not about speaking poorly of a colleague but more about bringing recognition to the situation so that your credibility wouldn’t be affected. You wouldn’t want a negative person to have an impact on your otherwise great work you do.

There you have it, I have touched on the few major areas that I had dealt with. Do you have negative people currently in your life and how do you deal with it? I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I will see you back here shortly with another post!

With love and gratitude,

Susan @glamrituals


My name is Susan and I’m a Canadian Medical Esthetician living in Toronto Ontario.

I’ve created this blog to document my journey in seeking natural alternatives to current conventional skincare products available on our local shelves today.

I believe we all want to feel glamorous and I know a consistent ritual will help us all obtain it!!!

I hope this blog will enrich our knowledge in healthier choices when it comes to choosing what we apply onto our skin, what we ingest in our bodies, and what types of seeds we choose to fertilize our minds with.

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  1. thanks for Sharing your experience with us …. for dealing with negativity in our circle enjoyed a lot while reading 🙂

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you for telling us you enjoy the guest post! Please do go over to her website for more inspiring pieces!

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