Top 10 countries in Asia to Relocate as an Expat

Are you considering looking for greener pastures outside your home country? Do you want to start a new life in a foreign land? Many people would like to start a new life in another country because of the opportunities it delivers. However, many find it difficult to decide where to go and there are a…

Memorable Stories From Grab / Uber Drivers

Since the gone-horribly-wrong acquisition of Grab by Uber, I thought I’ll share some anecdotes from the private drivers I have encountered throughout Asia since 3 years ago.

It’s A Dog Year

Today is the first day of the lunar Chinese New Year. For all the Chinese around the world, regardless they are in China, Singapore or in the States, this festival means a lot to us.

Are You Stopping Your Business From Growing?

Just last month I was back in my home country, Singapore to meet up some of my entrepreneurs buddies. One thing is to network and exchange our progress, another is to share experiences and give advice.

Iron Cast Asian Values In My Career

Although Singapore is a much Westernized country, most of us are brought up with strong Asian values. Our teens may wear skimpy denim shorts that barely cover their butt cheeks and hum to the tune of Despacito (my 10 months old daughter’s current favourite song) but they’ll refrain as much as their teenage hormones allow…

Guest Post: How to deal with negativity

I came across Susan’s article and my first thought is that “I’ve got to share this on MiddleMe!” She is gracious to let me host this here and I do hope you enjoy reading her thoughts as much I do. Go and drop by her blog today! Hello lovelies, The best way I deal with…