Reminiscing 2 years ago this period where I handed in my resignation letter in the most reluctant mood ever.

I was totally immersed in my career, peak of my time, enjoying my work and what it brings me – the satisfaction, the achievements, the recognition and of course, the great pay and benefits that come along with the job. I left my role, knowing that I have a greater role in life to fulfil and it is time to achieve what I want personally. I may be successful in my career but it comes with a price. A price that I have paid dearly with missed birthdays, lost friendships and derailed relationships.


As much as I missed working at my previous job and company, I have now come to see the consequences of my actions then. In the short period of 2 years, I have overcome personal hurdles and accomplish more than I wish for. I became a Mrs, relocated to a new country, founded MiddleMe, a top freelancer in my field, completed a few online courses and a mommy to 3 adorable cats and a lil princess.

Someone did ask me once if I regret giving up a cushy career at the world’s number 1 company. I will be dishonest if I don’t admit that I do look back at those office memories and sigh every once in a while. And of course, having financial freedom. But those once in a while moments seems to appear lesser and lesser as I forge through more milestones of my own. I was determined to make my resignation worth it and I am proud to say I have done it.

If I haven’t left my job in Shanghai, I wouldn’t learn so much about myself in the past 2 years:

  • I can be extremely self-disciplined and be as productive at home as a freelancer as I am as a manager at work.
  • I didn’t know I can write posts that people would actually read, leave encouraging comments and follow MiddleMe (for the record, I have ex-colleagues, ex-bosses and friends exclaimed their amazement that I can write).
  • I can be super patient. Being in Malaysia taught me to be patient with the authorities and their whatnot regulations aka red tape. Being a Mrs, having a looooong fuse is one of the vital keys to making a marriage work. Being a mommy, midnight feedings and unexplainable wailings stretch my patience even more (still stretching… she’ll be teething soon… urgh!)
  • I am really integrated with work mindset, not in a good way. Can you imagine that I still wake up in the mornings in a panic that I am late for work, only to realise that I have not been holding a 9-to-5 job anymore..for 2 years? And yes, I still do get Monday Blues…
  • 2 years away but I still stay on top of my game. I stay relevant by taking courses, reading trending management articles and keeping tabs on my ex-colleagues. I network like crazy, even much more than the previous years. I made my friends closer and my enemies my friends.

These two years I am extremely grateful and appreciative that I am able to build a great freelancing reputation and a great readership in MiddleMe, an achievement that I didn’t expect I can do it within a span of two years. I don’t know what’s to come in the next 2 years but I do know it will be epic and fulfilling as usual because I won’t have my todays not as amazing as my yesterdays and as awesome as my tomorrows.

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20 replies on “Reminiscing 2 Years Ago

  1. O my precious lil Kally, so ever glad we cross paths! Your next two years shall be a bliss. I am busy initiating a new organization.unlike any other organization ever founded before. It is not yet on line but it will be soon. I will email you the Sacred Proposal I am finalizing today. Hopefully I will post it today in Check me out in case I don’t have time to email you. Time, O time! No worries though. It all comes in due time! Keep in touch. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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  2. While you chose writing, in my case writing chose me. I never thought I would write. Everything just happened and I took my chances. Here I am almost 8 years into this career. I do sometimes feel that my friends have better options and facilities which I don’t enjoy. However, I feel happy to see I’m no one’s slave. When you live life on your own terms you gotta pay some price as well.

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  3. I am so happy for you. Your courage has been rewarded. I asked God if I could have a job that used my strengths instead of my weaknesses and he answered that prayer. I was bought out of my 23 year job, I didn’t have the courage to leave, and it took a few years, but I am doing what God designed me for and I love it, I feel like I haven’t “gone to work” in years.


  4. I think I follow you about a year now and still amazed about the fantastic advice you still are able to provide, without it ever getting boring. So congratulations to that. You are a very inspiring woman, Kally! And I really feel joy every time we find a moment to connect.
    Big big hug, XxX

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    1. Awwww.. you are one sweet lady! You must be made of sugar! Thank you, Patty and I am sure grateful that our paths cross in this big blogosphere. Truly love connecting with you and every time I read your comments, my eyes light up. 😘

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