If you wake up in the morning and don’t look forward to starting your day because you have to go to work here is a little read for you.

We have limited days on this earth, regardless of how many we have left, it’s limited to a certain amount. We can’t buy more, we can’t steal more and we can’t be gifted with more. We could have 3 days lefts, we could have 3000, either way it’s finite.

I imagine you have been told the same things as I at some point, stuff like “live each day as if it’s your last” and so on. But we don’t because we don’t believe it will be our last day, why would we? Yesterday wasn’t our last day, neither was the day before that. Over time we have been conditioned to believe that we have more time, which is generally correct.

So let’s look at it differently. There is a quote in a film, it might be bigger than the film, I don’t know. But the quote is something like “what man is a man who doesn’t make this world a better place”, I love this so much. I think the two goals in life have to be to have fun and to help others have fun. That’s the peak of happiness isn’t it?

So if you are spending 9 hours a day doing something you don’t enjoy doing then stop! Stop today! You are wasting your life, think of all those wasted hours, hundreds and if not thousands of wasted hours. Fuck that.


So let’s look at why you need to change things and leave your job.

  1. It is simply the right thing to do, you are only there because you think you need to be. Let me tell you that you don’t, the world won’t end if you hand in your notice right now. We are told that no one likes their jobs but we have to do it, we don’t! That’s utter shit. That person who told you that has not had a full life. Leaving is the right thing to do if you don’t enjoy it. It’s the simplest of logic.
  2. There is a world out there, heard that before haven’t you? But there really is! Go and find new things. You can’t do this if you have a shitty job that you don’t like. But if you leave it and spend about 2 hours typing things into google you’ll be amazed at what you can find. I usually won’t link people to this because I think of it as my little secret even though it’s not because it’s huge. But have a look at http://www.workaway.info, you can find placements all over the world that’ll house you and feed you. All you need to do is get there. Explore this world before it’s too late, and let me tell you today is t too late.
  3. The best way to enrich your life is to enrich others, to give something to this world. Give yourself, vanish into the world, disappear into it. I promise you people are the most interesting thing on this planet but if you are hiding away each day in a shit job doing bullshit tasks that don’t improve the world in anyway you are wasting your life and time. You have so much more to give and if ever there was a time when the world needed you it’s now! The world needs you and others like you.

Don’t panic about leaving your job, if you let it leaving will reward you greatly! If you have any questions or want any help I’ll help, so will thousands of other people. You just have to find them and trust me they are easy to find.

The author, A Guide to Life left everything he ever knew to explore the world. Like everyone else who has done this he couldn’t recommend it more! Why do we live on this planet if not to enjoy it?

If you have any interest in vanishing into this wild world of hours have a read of the blog or even give me an email. Would love to hear from you people out there.

20 replies on “Guest Post: Quit Your Job Today

  1. Some have that luxury… Some must support a family. I know someone now with a large family who has a cruel boss… He has debated leaving, but the money is good, money he couldn’t get elsewhere. So he stays. I both suffer when I hear (from his family) what he has to put up with, and am filled with admiration, when I realize he does it for the love of his family.
    I have this same feeling, when I view pictures of miners, coming out of the mines, totally covered with dirt and dust, lungs going bad over time, fingers broken from blows etc. They, for love of family and children, sacrifice themselves, their own happiness, their own health…and work themselves to the grave. Such noble souls.
    But yes, I agree. When possible, change jobs. I did. Best thing I ever did!

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    1. Hear hear, Michele. I understand that not everyone has the choice to throw their resignation letter at their cruel boss’s face but they should not resign to their fate either. They could try to upgrade their situation by pursuing further education bit by bit. Yes, it is tough and it takes time but first steps are everything towards pulling yourself out of misery and towards a future job that you look forward to.

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  2. This is an incredible suggestions. Most of the people want to quit their lame jobs but are bound to financial commitment and hence they rely on existing job. But what u told is correct. Initially when u quit and start doing what u love will be difficult in terms on financial but in the due coarse of time if its planned properly ,benefits can be reaped.

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  3. Maybe not right this minute, today, but yes…if you’re not happy in your job, definitely work towards a job that better suits you. In the Netherlands we have a saying, when it comes to work “don’t throw out your old shoes, before you’ve got yourself a new pair”…ending up with loans, isn’t the way either 😉

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    1. I love the Netherlands saying, makes a lot of sense. I do hope that the youngsters heed the sayings when I see a lot of them quitting their jobs at the slightest bottleneck situations.

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      1. Yes, I know what you mean…every job has its pro’s and cons…However, if you don’t want to go out of bed in the morning, because you don’t want to go to work…Then absolutely quite!

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  4. Great post! I actually wrote about this same topic today! I found numerous videos on youtube about quitting your day job in order to pursue your dreams, but I felt like they didn’t fully explain how to pay for bills and further education while you’re not making any income in the beginning. I really do like how you posted the link to workaway.info. I never heard of it, but it sounds awesome! I’m going to link this blog post to my blog. Great work!

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