A Word of Advice: Jobless & Homeless

To Kally,

Reading your articles everyday is a highlight to me. I enjoyed very much the tips and advice that you provide to your readers and it is amazing that you find the time and in your heart to contribute back to society the way you do. So a big thank you!

To get to my point, I have a problem. I guess everyone who writes to you, always have a problem, don’t they? Maybe I shall write to you one day just to say hi. Haha!

My problem is that I haven’t been able to get a decent job anywhere else. I have heard a million times that economy slump is here, it is the retrenchment times and I am just down on my luck. I have not been working full time for a year and I am getting really desperate and disappointed with myself. I graduated with merits in advertising and e-marketing and it seems to me that industry is just not hiring right now! My older sister asked me not to beat myself up just because I can’t find a job.

Speaking of my dear sister, I have been living under her roof for 3 years and recently, she and my generous brother-in-law just announced that they are expecting baby number 4. Expenses and space are going to be really stretching now and I really want to either start contributing to her expenses or at the very least, move out and have her stop worrying about me.

Please help to dish out some advice on how I can change my fortune. My ears are all open.

Sincerely Jobless,
Annie O


Dear Annie,

Thank you for your compliments. It is both very uplifting and encouraging to have your support on MiddleMe. You’re more than welcome to drop me a ‘Hi’ email anytime.

Yes, the economy is bad right now, not only in your country but globally in general. Many jobs were lost due to closures of companies and retrenchment. However, this is not to say that your hands are tied. I always believe that you can control some aspect of your situation to a certain extent. I have listed some suggestions below that you can help yourself to levitate your current status, rather than to be a sitting duck.

For one, you can explore other junior positions in your advertising & media industry. Using that entry on the platform, you can wait for the right time and opportunity to cross lateral transfer to the position you desire. This will provide a leverage that outside applications will not have, especially if you do correct networking within the company.

Even if your industry is not hiring, you may also find work with companies that collaborate closely with advertising & media companies like journalism, designs, printing.. You may get valuable insight and be introduced to the right person working in the industry you want to get in.

You can also tap into your previous network of classmates who had graduated the same time as you. I believe there are some out there who are already having the job in the industry that you wish to penetrate. Have them to keep a lookout for you for a position in their companies or even their competitors.

Alternatively, you can always go back to add value to yourself by taking on ad-hoc freelancing work and projects to enhance your profile or pick up a course or two relating in your own field, leadership or even just to enhance your personal development. Any employer will appreciate that the tough times are here and you taking a step towards self-improvement to better yourself. 

Here are some of the courses I came across recently that might be helpful to you:
Effective Communication
Marketing Strategy
Brand Management 

The content of these courses are offered free and if you want to be certified for it, you will need to pay for a fee.

Treasure your precious closeness you have with your sister. I believe there are chores around the house or babysitting duties that both your sister and your brother-in-law will appreciate you jumping in to help. If you are taking freelancing work, you can contribute to grocery purchases or electrical bills, something small but still significant. Most importantly is to always keep the communication open with your sister and your brother-in-law and don’t assume that they are ready to kick you out just because a new baby is coming.

Send my best wishes to your family and best of luck in finding a new job soon!


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  1. Sometimes you have to get your foot in the door a different way. Hospitals have a lot of jobs and then when one comes up in your field you can as to be intervieweducated as a person already working there you have the first change . Start anywhere thenear move up

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    1. Kally says:

      Great wisdom! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your advice is useful.

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  2. Bea dM says:

    I agree with “My Truth and Opinions” that in tough times, try any and all business sectors. Kally’s advice on family ties is good: if you’ve had close and supportive family ties till now, hold on tightly to them and they won’t disappear overnight, you’ll all find some kind of new win-win…

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you for sharing a useful site, Henry! Have a superb weekend!

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      1. henrywest says:

        Thank you and best of luck with your search. I hope you have many opportunities.

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  3. Patty says:

    Good advice Kally!
    I also would like to add…write down any skills your gained when you were working and look good at the diploma’s/certificates you have. Maybe you can’t get a job in the field you studied for, but get a totally different job based on your skills.
    I have a diploma in tourism, but ended up working as a management assistant at a high level and enjoyed it a lot.
    Good luck Annie!

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    1. Kally says:

      Great advice, Patty! We can always trust you to give great insight to others when needed. Totally agree that it is possible to land yourself a job you love in total different directions that you studied in. Lovely that you enjoy it! Have a superb weekend!

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      1. Patty says:

        Well, thank you dear Kally. Together we can help and support a lot of people 🙂
        I did enjoyed it, since a few years I am in the very luxury position to enjoy an early retirement (and have my hubby do the payed work ). That was only possible because I never passed an opportunity and my husband and I both worked hard, saved and took careful decisions.
        Maybe I write a post about it soon…
        Talk to you soon again dear Kally! Big hug, XxX

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        1. Kally says:

          Big hugs, Patty. If you do write that post, do alert me of the link, I’ll love to feature you on how you manage to plan your early retirement.

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          1. Patty says:

            Oh no…miscommunication !
            I don’t work anymore since a few years now…I meant writing about how you still can find good jobs outside your specific study-field.
            But if I do, I sure will let you know 😉

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          2. Kally says:

            Ahhh… I see!! Yes, please do let me know if you decide to pen down that article. Love to feature you!

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  4. Thank you for an interesting blog

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you, Penney for your everlasting support!


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