Perhaps you are in your mid-thirties or even your forties, you are bored in your job, having accomplished a successful name for yourself in your field, you are the go-to person if anyone wants expertise in your line. Or maybe for years, you have been banging your head on sharp corners of the wall, unable to break through the invisible ceiling of your role. As you eyed enviously at the young 20s pursuing hard at their passion, you wonder if it is too late to want the same thing for yourself. After all, you only left with the better half of your life left.

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Before you sweep off your fantasy and shrugged your shoulders, thinking that it might be because of midlife crisis that is playing you up, I’m here to tell you that age should not be the obstacle holding you back from pursuing your dreams. In fact, age will help you to realise your ambition even quicker than if you are in your twenties.

Here are some of the facts that may just convince you that it is never too late to make the change you want.


With age, comes with experience. Without knowing, you actually collect a vast of different experiences even if you are stuck in the same role for the past 10 years.


You might not have the latest skill sets of those who are freshly graduate however, you accumulated different skill sets over the years on the job. Combined with experience, you may be tough to be replaced by someone who only know their theories in books. That being said, no harm making sure that your skills are not outdated and you kept your knowledge align with industrial standards.

People Relations

You have something that accumulates only with time and that is your network. Not limited only to your company, if you are good enough, you probably mingle with the experts in your field during trade shows and exhibition. The best jobs are not found in the job section in the newspapers but through word-of-mouth recommendations.


With the above 3 plus age, you can make a better judgement when it comes to decision making, management and doing the right thing. You may not be the first to grab any chance that presented to you but your calculated risk-taking will make up for it.

Work Smart

You know your way around resolving problems and you can do it with one eye closed. Instead of going through the process in your head, your experience and skill sets allow you to cut corners when you need to and speed up your productivity. Your relationship with industry players will also come in handy when you need advice or even to pull in a favour or two.


Ultimately, you need to evaluate yourself how much do you want this change and whether you can afford this change. My advice is that you only live once and if it is something you really passionate about, why not take a break or a sabbatical leave to try something new.

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9 replies on “Is It Too Late to Change?

  1. I agree on all points. I think you should add it would be a good idea to plan ahead by saving up money to invest on some updated training in whatever new field you’d like to enter. And/or to cover the time you might be jobless or on a much-needed sabbatical.


  2. All excellent points. You can be a leader in your field, but if you are becoming stagnant or miserable, you’ll soon become of no use to anyone including yourself. It’s never too late to change.


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