Recently, I have gathered some quotes from my friends and previous co-workers who have worked with me before and ask them what kind of work related quote do they live by. Here are some of the real interesting quotes that we’ll love to share with you. Enjoy!!

“Learn to forgive your mistakes and remember not to make them again.” – Sherlynn, marketing manager.

I found that many people take advice too personally and failures are seen as collectively losing rather than gaining a new experience. This stuns their growth as a worker and as an individual.


“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – David, national sales director

I started out my career from the bottom and worked my way up, step by step. I’ve seen a lot of youths who wants to gain success using shortcuts and choosing the easy way instead of learning through effort and sweat. They never know that not only I have gained a lot of hands-on experienced by doing so, I have also gained a wide network in my industry in helping me to achieve some of the difficult work success.


“One day as your teacher, a lifetime as your father.” – Garrette, Logistic Specialist

This is a traditional Chinese saying. It meant to allow the individual that recite this to realise that whoever teaches you, his pass on wisdom follows you for the rest of your life. I have many great mentors in my previous and current workplace that I have absorbed so much. To me, giving me their knowledge and time is the best gift they could ever bestow upon me. I’m utterly grateful.


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Dana, Restaurateur.

I’ve learnt the hard way by doing what my parents expected of me and pursue their desired career and ideology for me when I should be doing what is right for me. I wasn’t happy for a long time. 30 years later, a divorcee and a mother of two lovely children, I now doing what I love, opened two successful restaurants on my own and I have never been happier in my life.


“Complacent is an idea eating bacteria, it latches onto you and never let you go unless you do something drastic. So do something drastic every year!” – Conor, corporate law associate

I hate the idea of getting too comfort in whatever I am doing, whether it is work related or personally. Every year, I will challenge myself to height heights whether it is taking up a new course, changing a new office, or even taking additional projects to add extra definition to my current role. The more I do, the more I felt I’m useful to the company and I am an asset rather than a liability.

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“Make It Work!” – Janice, fitness instructor

This is my favourite saying after Nike’s Just do it. I believe nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart to it. I was born as a sick child with a heart valve operation even before I reached my teens but I have never let it stop me from getting where I am today and be proud of the achievements I work hard for. So get your ass off the couch and stop doubting yourself!


“Doors of opportunity doesn’t just open up for you, You need to go a-knocking sometimes.” – Mikael, account sales manager.

Some people like to wait for the apple to fall from the tree but I like to take fate into my own hands and shake the tree hard, I might get more than 1 apple falling to the ground. It is the same goes for opportunities, I believe if you seek, you shall find greater opportunities than if you wait for someone to hand over to you.

Do these quotes inspire you or do you have own quote? Share with us below!

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