We usually have 45 minutes to an hour of lunchtime. My shortest lunch hour is half an hour during my retail days and my longest? 2 hours. I’m not saying where I’ve gotten 2 hours lunchtime but I had such privilege in 3 different companies. So I’m curious, what do you do with your lunchtime?


That’s the most obvious. The lucky ones will have an in-house cafeteria or a canteen within their workplace building. Some of us may find food within walking radius and the unfortunate ones need to travel a distance to get food or have the food delivered to them.


Napping straight after a meal isn’t healthy however, many choose to skip their lunches and nap somewhere. Studies have shown that a short nap is good for brain cells. If you choose to catch your forty winks, please don’t do it at your desk. Having your monitor flashing in front of you and your laptop vibrating on your desk is not the most conducive place to rest. In fact, you probably will have a headache after that. We can only wish all offices are like Google’s who provides napping pods for their employees.

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Reading is a good way to keep your brain in a working mode but still relaxes you. Some will use this opportunity to learn something new or explore new reads. Try to pick up a physical book instead of reading on your mobile or your computer to rest your eyes from the technology.


A great way to make sure you don’t have ‘desk tummy’, a symptom that most of us have due to long hours at our desk, is to spare some time to workout during our lunchtime. The fortunate ones will have a gym in their office where they can do a quick and simple workout for half an hour. You don’t have a gym nearby, you can even workout at your cubicle with simple exercise using your chair and your desk as a leverage. Some offices like Unilever have a swimming pool where you can take a quick dip and swim a few laps.


Taking A Walk
If you have greenery park nearby your workplace, it is awesome to take a short 15 minutes walk to help in digesting that heavy lunch you just ate. A good walk can help to relax your mind and your eyes, leaving you to energize to tackle the rest of your working time. A stroll with one or two colleagues will help you to bond with each other outside of your workplace too! I don’t only walk during lunch, sometimes when work isn’t that heavy, I like to take a quick 10 minutes break in between work and walk around the office premises, just to clear off my mind.


Hands up if you love shopping when you’re stressed out! Even it is just window shopping, it is called retail therapy. Some companies like Unilever and P&G have mini marts in their offices to allow their employees to shop within during their lunchtime with their staff purchases. Even Apple has a shop of their own in their Cupertino headquarters.

So what is your favorite activity during lunchtime? Share with us at the comments below.

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17 replies on “What do you do during lunchtime?

    1. So you like to spend time at the old company store. Reminds me a bit of American history when the coal companies [ in this instance] Would extend credit to employees who would inevitably over-extend their ability to pay the tab on Friday and so ” Owe their soul to the company store ! ” ; )

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  1. Nice post, as for me: light lunch and short walk. Napping would probably leave me groggy after, working out is too stressful :). Reading wouldn’t relax my eyes and shopping could turn out to be dangerous if I’m in one of the expensive downtown locations that day! (I work at my clients’)….

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  2. Ah! My little one! But you got some great suggestions here! Sorry I have been absent for a bit. It took all this time to get my marbles together by the power of love from on high.

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    His love in my heart for all and for you, thiaBasilia 🙂

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  3. I usually just eat a sandwich at my desk. If the weather’s nice in spring or autumn and I have the time, I’ll sometimes sit in a park nearby. The trouble is, though it’s nice to get out, while I’m eating my lunch, the mosquitoes are having theirs.

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  4. Reading or when the weather is beautiful outside I just sit down in the sun, since I’m moving a lot during the day with my dogs, in the garden, housekeeping, etc. But I find myself also writing a lot during lunchtime and/or breakfast.


  5. I have a thirty minute lunch. I eat leftovers from last night’s dinner in our breakroom, or sometimes a frozen meal out of my stash. If the weather is nice, I might go for a walk. More often, I hide under my desk and do stretching exercises and play on my phone. There isn’t enough time for a nap or shopping, but I would do those things sometimes if I did have time.


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