Today is April’s Fools and the very day one year ago, I left the corporate world for the business world. I changed from an office cubicle to a home office desk. I changed from carrying my haversack to carrying my files and pens from my living room to my study room. I changed from wearing polo tee and jeans to polo tee and shorts. Most importantly, I changed from working non-stop at all hours (really all hours) to working with hours within my control.

startup-849805_640I do miss the buzzing of a busy working environment, the non-stop ringing of a phone in the background, the occasional head popping up at my desk for a chat or to ask for advice and particularly the daily question “Where shall we go for lunch today?”. The battles between colleagues leave scars that I am proud of, the negotiations between customers and us (especially when I won), the spirit of the whole team chugging behind me when we go all out to fight for the same goal. All for one and one for all. The scale of major projects dumped on my lap leave me exhilarating and breathless, yet the satisfaction derived from seeing a project’s success is indescribable.

When I left the corporate world, I did know what I’m going to do. Well-meaning friends throw all sorts of advice from taking a break, traveling, study, enjoying my life and retiring. Retired? I still have another good 40 years to go before I call it quits! I did temper around the idea of studying and did a couple of courses online. I thought of being a student full time, enrolling in a university at this age could open up a new insight into my closing mind. As I couldn’t make up my mind about committing which course (and which cost?!), I woke up with a brilliant idea of setting up MiddleMe.

MM_compresed_60With MiddleMe, the idea was to reach out to more people and expose MiddleMe to the public. The success of MiddleMe brought in freelancing opportunities when people enjoy my articles and like the way I think, I write. With both of my feet planted firmly on the ground with MiddleMe and freelancing, comes business opportunities pouring in. I am working on some of the biggest projects in my life, learning and absorbing from some of the inspirational folks that I wouldn’t have met in my line of work.ย 

What I have now is even more challenging and exhilarating. The monetary profits may not be as lucrative and steady in terms of a regular income. I may miss the office chitchats and an occasional pat on the back by my boss. (This is the part where you give me a hug in the comments below. *grin*) The work I do is no less impactful and no less important than I was doing working for someone. In fact, my clients and my readers’ feedback and comments affect me much more than in the past. When you work for a company, people’s comments are directed at your company, your brand, your department as a whole but now, the comments are directed at my capabilities. It becomes personal. Sometimes too personal that my pride takes a direct hit. But I learned to fall gracefully like a ballerina and rise up like a flamingย phoenix.ย 


With this, I thank all my mentors, my colleagues, my clients, my friends and you, for giving me the chance when you have the power to decide, for believing that I can do it, for the extra *hugs* and kudos I get in my comments, for the push and the shove when I need it. And lastly, to my detractors, thank you so much for giving me the chance to prove it to you that you are WRONG!

57 replies on “The Anniversary of Leaving The Corporate World

  1. You have summed up the transition phase so beautifully that I feel connected without ever having been fortunate to meet you. Hope you will enjoy your own business more after a few years when the flight will be put on auto mode All the best dear

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  2. Congratulations to you on stepping out into the world and into something that has passion stamped all over it. You’ve made it and you should be so proud of yourself. Best wishes into the future.

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  3. Happy anniversary ! I’m already curious about the upcoming year and what your next steps will be. From a neighbor at this planet; big hug!


  4. Happy anniversary, Kally! I love MiddleMe, and it is such a great resource into working life and office culture. Congrats on getting freelance work through it as well, and very happy to hear that you love what you are doing. Sometimes, when it comes to doing what we want, something’s got to give – and maybe we have to shift perspectives too in order to appreciate going solo.

    With every new venture comes a new set of challenges, and a new set of skills to learn and new environment to adapt to. Good on you for being flexible and having the confidence to be your own boss and call the shots – and be good at it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks a lot, Mabel. It does take me a lot of guts to step out into something I have never really done before and not take control of everything. I always wanted to work happy rather than work rich. Many people calculate their worth on how much they are paid per hour, I prefer my worth to be how happy I am per hour.

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  5. I loved this article because it’s very inspiring. Like you I am also trying to get out of my industry. Finding a good mentor is also very rewarding. My passion is writing and I hope to do this full time in the near future. I understand how you feel about the isolation.. Working at home is wonderful, however it can get lonely. Much hugs to you for that empty feeling when you are missing some himan interaction.

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    1. Thanks a lot Pat for your encouragement!! It’s super important to me that you find my articles and tips useful. Best of luck in finding your right career path!!


  6. Leaving four years of career in Investment Banking was one of the toughest decisions I had to go through. I think fear of the unknown makes it difficult. But today feel proud because though I was good at it but was not something which i’m passionate about. Congratulations on your success…hugs:)

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    1. A big pat on your back!! You got total admiration from me. To leave a comfort zone and pursue your passion, that’s a big kudos. Would you like to discuss more into turning this experience into a guest post on MiddleMe? If yes, do drop me an email at

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  7. Hi Kally,
    First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog and dropping a like. It made me curious enough to follow you back here.
    Secondly – I have to say that I love this article. It clearly expresses the the pros and cons of your decision a year ago (happy anniversary, by the way) to move from one arena of work to another. Your language and style of writing is impeccable, but I am left with one question: what do you do?
    I apologise if I come over as naive, but this article is my introduction to your blog and … well, I guess you have made me interested to know more.
    Kind regards – Robert.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment, Robert!! I stopped working in the corporate world and now I just freelance on projects and write. I do hope you continue reading because the more you read, the more you’ll know me better! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Congrats to your 100 like from me on your post . I also left my job but after retiring at age of 60 from a government Bank in India . Now I am in writing fully absorbed & have published my first Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara which is available all over the world from for 9.99 $ . I too have written a few MIDDLES for paper & a few short stories for a women’s magazine . Now no rivalry with office colleagues over promotion & no rebuke from Boss , why I bunked from the Bank when my wife was sick . Would love to see you & some of your followers read a book which is already in 12 countries & 70 libraries in India .

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