Hi y’all,

I am thankful and grateful.

MiddleMe is now 6 months old. With more than 600 followers, increasing everyday.

Many of you have given me strength and encouragement to continue with what I am doing with MiddleMe. Your comments, your words have been deeply appreciated and impacted me every single day. To write is my passion, to talk about careers and helping people realising theirs is my passion and to further confirmed that I am heading towards the right direction by you all… Thank You!

I would love to take this opportunity to specially thank those who did collaborations with me in the past few months.

Dr. Gulara Vincent
Coming Up Next: Allison and Hammad

Look out for more collaborations and interviews from all walk of life in the future updates. If you are holding a job I have not featured in MiddleMe, please feel free to drop me an email at kally@MiddleMe.net. It will be nothing but fun, imaginary muffins and tea.

Talking about collaborations, I have been extremely busy in December so some of you might have missed me around replying to your comments on time. I am working on a major extension on MiddleMe. As a lot of us are aware, China blocks out blogs, Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube. One of the many blog platforms that China blocks out is WordPress. Now, we know that we can always use VPN to circumvent and bypass this annoyance, however, not many local Chinese would be aware of such services. Even they are aware, English is not their native language. I wanted to overcome this and bring MiddleMe to a higher ground and hopefully, a wider audience that would benefit from my articles.

I am proud to say MiddleMe is now on WeChat (a mobile platform that serves mainly the Chinese in China), officially launched today! The articles will be translated from English to Chinese using only direct human translation and articles ‘push’ through via WeChat to its subscribers on the platform. If you are on WeChat and you would like your article in Chinese instead of English, you may join by scanning the below QR Code using your WeChat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.27.32 PM

China itself have 1.3 billion of people and growing everyday. Many of which requires career advice and MiddleMe is gear up towards helping them. All articles (inclusive of interviews, collaborations and guest posts, excluding comments) will be translated with care in Chinese (unless it loses its meaning, then it will be published in original form) to reach out to more needy readers.

image1A Chinese translated copy of Time Not Enough.

I am also excited about WeChat’s performance. It’s soft launch was at 9pm 6 January 2016 SGT, 12 hours later we have received 27 followers! It is projected to have double the amount of followers within 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.52.12 AM

Meanwhile, MiddleMe.net will still be my main focus so you can stop holding your breath. I am always looking for ways to improve MiddleMe so any suggestions would be greatly welcome.

Trivia Time

Besides the WeChat project, someone walked into my life on a December Sunday afternoon. How a stray kitten of 6 months old, climbed 3 floors up and managed to strut into our home puzzled me. So everytime I tried to get near my laptop, I have to fight hard for my space because Sunny loves to curl up on top of my laptop like most cats do. I have been spending time to cat proof my house, sending him to the vet, buying his litter etc.  So yes, he has taken over the house and my heart by his meows. If you are like me, a cat lover, you may wish to check out this nutra thrive for cats deal and see if you may be able to save some money on a supplement that could help your cat maintain their digestive system and playful energy.

How can your heart not melt at this face?


104 replies on “6 Months into the Journey

      1. I read your blog about China @bloglovin that was a. Very good description about the mindset of China…. Great article….. As being Indian citizens I felt in same way about situations and development of India

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  1. Wow, Kally!! This is really so great!! Just 6 months and you have achieved so much.
    It’s a real honor to have you as a friend in my life as your guidance, tips and thinking is all about helping others. That’s a rare quality.
    Thank you so much for mentioning me in the post.
    Heartily congrats on WeChat platform and I wish for its success.
    Sunny is very cute and surely, you two are a perfect match.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, Hammad!! It’s my honor to have your friendship and how fortunate I am to have met you in blogosphere. And Sunny says “Meow Meow”, I’m sure it meant he likes you too! Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy 6 month anniversary! And your growth is impressive. Congrats on successful launch. May you reach and touch many people’s lives.
    Happy New Year! I look forward to continuing our collaboration.

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  3. Congratulations on your blog, Kally. Such an achievement and all the hard work you put it is paying off. Blogging is certainly hard work. It is very nice to meet another blogger who engages with the wider blogging community as well. Congrats on the cat 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blogging is definitely hard work but not as hard as being a servant to my cat. He constantly wants attention, food, cuddles and play. I think having a toy monkey is a lot better. Lol!! I’m still trying to see how MiddleMe can take off to a bigger platform and reach out to more people.


      1. I am sure you will take it off to a bigger platform in no time. I wish I could say the same for my blog, but time is certainly not on my hands at the moment. Hahaha, I wish my stuffed monkey Mr Wobbles can move and make sounds. That would keep me more entertained 😀


    1. Thanks, Lisa!! You do realize that the SAHM interview article will be translated too, to empower mothers in China. 😊 Your wisdom words is going to travel far and beyond.

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  4. For me your site is totally perfect for me because I am interested in all type of issuez and apart from professional things you discuss other things as well in a very positive words of expression so I really love your articles and seriously you are always in my mind whenever I think about blogging or wordpress don’t worry u remain in my mind just because I take you as my friend and inspiration for writing nothing beyond that….😉😜😝.

    And I show that face to my mom she and me totally flattered ofourse with that innocence on face you don’t have any choice…. that expression automatically makes you cuddle them

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  5. Congratulations Kally.. I am visiting for the first time and this is my first visit to a blog that is about career… I am in Banking industry and I am not yet sure if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.. I would make sure to read more of your posts so I can know better… Your genuine post about the difficulties you are facing in China as a blogger really made me more passionately aggressive about mine. … Thanks a lot for sharing and once again congratulations for being a career blog in a wide country like China…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m very grateful of your comment! It’s very encouraging and inspirational. I do hope that you will find a career that you love so much that you’ll never want to leave. It happened to me and many folks here. I hope it will happen to you as well!

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          1. Thank you. I will relay their words. Now would they understand each other? 😉
            Cats have one universal language, right. Just thought about that… humans have so many languages… Cats only one. Hmmm.

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  6. Hi, Kally! You’re so very kind, and I think you’re heroic for finding ways to express yourself under the constraints of country-imposed limitations on freedom of expression. I think it’s important to share viewpoints and to learn. China is missing out by blocking platforms like YouTube and WordPress. Your kitty is adorable. A feral cat found me, as well. She’s now progressed to an outdoor cat, with occasional sleepovers, and is learning that snuggles are wonderful to give and to get.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww!! Thanks for your comment!! I believe in greater potential in the people on China however, constraint under politics. What’s the name of your cat? I’m keeping mine indoor to keep them safe as I live around heavy traffic.


      1. Her name is “Kitty Cat”. Ha-ha! Not very original, I know, but I’m poor and can’t give her the best care she needs. On the chance someone finds her or can adopt her (a farm home seems best), when people see her and say, ‘here, kitty, kitty…”, she’ll think they know her name and be more inclined to go with/befriend them. I’d be sad, but happy if she could have a good home. Maybe I’ll put up her picture.
        I feel that there’s a kinship between Jewish and Chinese people. I know that China, Shanghai I guess, was a safe haven for Jewish people who could find their way there. Thank you. And I think our parents stress excellence in education and a similar outlook in life. One of my favorite authors here is Chinese — Amy Tan. Have you read her books? And, what’s your kitten’s name?


        1. Yes, I went to a Jewish Museum in Shanghai and read about their stories migrating to china. It was heartbreaking and thought provoking to read the stories and how they had to leave their country, their homes and set up a new home in a totally foreign place where language and culture was so different than they are used to.
          I wish I lived near you so I can help you to take care of kitty. She sounds so lovely. My two kittens don’t know how fortunate they are. My two boys are Sunny (7 months old) and Matcha (3 months old). Love them to bits. They have fish for afternoon meals and kibbles for dinner.


          1. Well, that’s so kind, all around. You sound like a very sweet Mom to your kitties. I put up Kitty’s pictures and wrote a post. Thank you for caring for your cats and opening your heart. It helps make a difference! And, thank you for visiting the museum; it’s a nice paean to our memory, but more so to the Chinese people for their kindness to strangers. Now, we are no longer strangers. Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, another reminder of the memories of those who were once people — who were our ancestors. The world has fallen back into these wicked ways. And I’m telling you, I don’t want to be just a memory. People already believe that we have passed as a footnote to history and deny us our long history; nor are we to have a life or a place in the present one, according to them. News Flash: Am Yisrael Chai! i


          2. Saw your beautiful cat and left a comment too!! We are no longer strangers, we are all bonded by the tragic event, blessed your heart.


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