Dear Loyal Readers and Lovely Friends,

I love to do these monthly updates and it is to let my readers know the progress and growth of MiddleMe.

If you have noticed that there are a few changes in MiddleMe, it is because I am preparing to introduce a few big steps.

One of it is that I am talking about relocation, how I felt about China and the recent China trip. I am going to expand on this topic, still surrounding career advice and inspirations so you will get to read more of those in future. I felt this is rather important because many companies are moving their directions towards China – no one can deny the huge consumerism market there (still pretty much unexplored). The recent few news articles have shown that major corporations particularly the America ones are diving into China. So if you want to ride the China wave, you should read my articles first before jumping the gun.

Relocation is also another topic that I would love to expand on. Many relocation articles out there focuses on the personal aspect like housing, food, visa, culture, but I think one area is sorely lacking in which is the working condition and environment. Nobody tells you that working in a different country, you will be treated differently by the local staff just because you are a foreigner or just because you speak English and they don’t.

Next up, you have noticed that there are a couple of interview pieces that I have started to do. I do realise that people actually enjoyed reading and knowing one another, moreover I enjoyed interviewing my readers and getting to know them better. As MiddleMe is a career-centric website, if you think you have an interesting job, I’ll love to collaborate a piece with you. Welcome to drop me an email at for a discussion.

Trivia Time

Some of you might know… I’m a closet foodie! I love to eat and enjoy pampering my taste buds. Even before I book my air ticket on a trip whether the trip is personal or for business, I’ll look up on what kind of local food and where is the best place to eat them. I will go to extreme ends (and price!) for delicious food.
The furthest I have gone for good food?
3 hours drive.
The longest I have to queue for good food?
3 hours.Β 
The cheapest I have paid for good food?
A bowl of fried rice in Shanghai for RMB 8 (USD $1.20)
And the most expensive?
Japanese cuisine in Singapore for SGD $1,000 (USD $710)


33 replies on “Is it 5 months already?

          1. My bike was not a very cool one, I’m afraid. It was a little 125cc Yamaha that I used just for getting (very slowly) from A to B. I really liked it, though. It was great for getting through traffic jams and things. When my job and my location changed, I didn’t have as much chance to use it so I sold it. This happened before I met my wife, though, so she’s innocent of all charges. πŸ™‚

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          2. Haha! I see, I always wanted to ride but I didn’t have the guts to learn it. My family are like totally against it for the sake of my safety and public transportation system in Singapore where I grew up was accessible so there wasn’t a need to ride or drive.

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          3. My parents are just fearful of accidents on the road. Their favorite quote was “in a car, the metal wraps around you but when on a bike, you wrap around the metal.”

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  1. Good food is something not to be taken lightly, but queueing’s not for me. Thank goodness a one hour drive in Italy will cover very many excellent restaurants, at a decidedly much lighter price than the Singapore Japanese cuisine you mention πŸ™‚

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