Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation In Your Workplace

Today, as my little one started to walk up a gentle slope for the first time on her own (without holding my hands), she gleefully clapped her hands together with me when she reached the top on her own, something dawned on me.

What It Is Like Being An Editor

Being a writer, you often can’t separate yourself from the art form that you have just written. An editor provides a crucial and keen eye to make sure your work is readable and mistake-less. I have been invited more than once to take on the role of an editor but not on a large scale…

How To Accept Praises At Work Graciously

Many people get uncomfortable when getting praises. Definitely, they like it but are concerned about being dismissive or saying something stupid and not responding thus coming off as offensive.

Guest Post: Bullying in the Workplace

When I published the piece on workplace abuse, I did not expect so much sharing in the comments. One of the shares is by a talented author, Arwen and I have invited her to share her experiences in detail which she graciously and generously did so and here is her story. I have a longstanding…

Luxury Brand Does Not Equal To Customer Service

If you have followed MiddleMe consistently, you’ll know that I recently moved my place. With a new place, besides selling off unnecessary items (I am a self-confessed hoarder!), we indulge ourselves by furniture shopping. Most of our big pieces like the bed and the couch are bought 2nd hand from a dear friend who relocated….

A Word of Advice: Scamming Company

Hi Kally, I have been a silent follower of yours since last year and I always admire how well you provide your advice to others. Now let me throw you a curveball on the territory that you are familiar with. I’ve been in the real estate as a sales manager for 7 years and I…