A Part Of Me is Shared!

I told you that I have been actively volunteering for the past year and now I have something to show for it! Yay! I have been giving my time at a volunteer-run non-profit organisation called Ibu Family Resource Group that is the first parenting support network in Malaysia since Nov 2017.

I Used To Be Countryist

I’m not a racist. But I must admit I used to be a country-ist. And what’s that? According to the urban dictionary: A countryist is someone who hates people from a certain country or countries.

For All The What Ifs In The World

What if Snow White did not take a bite out of the poison apple? What if Cinderella did not go to the ball? What if Sleeping Beauty turns out to be a boy instead? There are plenty of crossroads in our lives. Many decisions made impacted our lives in more ways than one.

Conquering My Hatred Of Driving

I really really really hate driving. Partly it is stem from the fear of the action itself and partly because I’ve been in a car accident twice.