What are Your Goals in Life?

Just a few days back, I have come across an absurd goal of someone who said that his life goal is to ultimately owning a landed property. Mind you, it isn’t a goal he set himself for the next 5 years to achieve but a lifetime goal. It did get me thinking that goals shouldn’t…

Whisper: I’m Pretending To Be Who I Am

I am living a double life. To my coworkers, I’m a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and loud girl who is always beaming with positivity and generosity. I’m always in all of the office gatherings. Friday drinking sessions, I’m the first one there! Annual beer fest, I’m there every year for the past 10 years! Christmas parties, I…

Is A Reduced Work Schedule Right For You?

When it comes to arranging one’s work schedules, many people would like to get one that offers flexibility in order to get the perfect work-life balance that equals less stress and tension. Some even believe that if one works in a short period of time, they will have better chances of succeeding in life and…

I Mumble In My Sleep

Last night, my hubby finally told me that I have been mumbling in my sleep. His statement was “You are a stay home mom, why are you so stressed out that you mumbled in your sleep?” The thing is that I am not stressed out. In fact, I never felt so invigorating in my life.

Thoughts I Take To Bed with Me

Many of us obsessed with our phones and tend to take our phones to bed with us. Lying in the dark while Facebook surfing until your eyes get blurry and too tired to use your thumb to swipe up, waiting for that precise moment your brain tells you enough information intake.

Guest Post: Every Job is Meaningful

Remember that I had sent an invitation out to everyone here for a guest post? My dearest friend jumped at the request and I am proud to present her work to you. Patty is an excellent coach with her generous and positive nature, please do drop by her website to understand her work better. Feeling…

Wearing Too Many Hats At Once

I am a mother, daughter, wife, writer, freelancer, career counselor, volunteer all roll into one little me. That’s many hats to wear on one little head!