A Word Of Advice: Switching Majors

Dear Kally, Good day to you. I have a problem. To be frank, I am scared and lost at this moment. I’m a first-year student at my university, studying engineering. My family isn’t well-to-do so it takes a lot of my parents’ savings and borrowing from relatives to get me to go overseas to study…

5 Helpful Pieces of Career Advice for College Students

Graduating college is a time of great joy and pride for students and their parents. But it’s also a time for asking “Now what?” as donning that cap and gown marks a transition for many from school life to the workforce. Graduates quickly find that working life is a different animal entirely – but that…

Guest Post: Careers, do we have a choice?

When I have the time (in between housework and a screaming toddler), I love to read my followers’ blogs. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to stumble upon great articles that are related to careers – the theme of MiddleMe. Like the one I am about to introduce to you here.

Whisper: I Was Jealous Of My Best Friend’s Career

*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous I wasn’t a nice person when I was much younger. Now in my thirties, I have learned a lot from selfish mistakes I have made in the past. Some mistakes that turned into deep regrets that I can never erase from my ledger.

5 Key Things You Need To Have In Your Resume

In some situations, you will have to work hard on the small things, and writing your resume is one of such times. Besides, you only get to impress the recruiter in a matter of six seconds.

Whisper: I Slept With My Bully

I love your column Whisper and I hope by sharing my story, perhaps some young girl out there will learn from my mistakes and maybe save herself from evil.