Most Embarrassing Moments Where Someone Forgotten They are Streaming Live

With Zoom and Skype meetings becoming a norm in our daily lives, it is a matter of time we get live streaming bloopers. While if the incident is with family or friends, it can be easily brush off as embarrassment or awkwardness. But when it is in front of your colleagues or clients, it may…

Why Are We so Afraid of Failure in Our Jobs

When it comes to work, fear is something all of us experience. Even if you are the owner of the company or a regular employee, fear can cause us to make decisions that can be risky for our goals. Fear can cripple the most experience entrepreneur, causing him or her making hasty irrational decisions. Sometimes,…

Heartless Business Owner: You’ll Cry If You Read This

What’s left behind is disheartening, disbelief and disappointment. I’m talking about the latest Singapore saga that has everyone talking about it. Singapore is a tiny country so any major news will rock our little world. In the past, I have highlighted a few stories about Singapore especially if it is closely related to work ethics….

A Word Of Advice: Creepy Colleague

Hi Kally, I have a problem at the workplace. This colleague of mine has recently been transferred to my department and has been nonstop asking me out on dates. Everyone in my department knows that I am happily engaged since last year and I have made it very clear to him this fact. I have…

Why Switching Career In Your 30s Can Be Exciting And Invigorating

There are so many unknowns around regarding switching careers in your 30s. What these myths do is stop you from reaching your dreams and goals. They make you stick with something that sucks the life out of you. It makes you stay in a job that isn’t rewarding and is very draining.