I love featuring talented writers who express their thoughts in the same niche as MiddleMe. Mainly they provide a different angle (of course, always positive ones) in the same issues that I take heart with. Here is Natalie Ellis who generously share her post with us today. “Positive culture comes from being mindful, respecting your…

I Used To Be Countryist

I’m not a racist. But I must admit I used to be a country-ist. And what’s that? According to the urban dictionary: A countryist is someone who hates people from a certain country or countries.

Are You Stopping Your Business From Growing?

Just last month I was back in my home country, Singapore to meet up some of my entrepreneurs buddies. One thing is to network and exchange our progress, another is to share experiences and give advice.

LBGTQ In Workplace

There is so much discrimination in this world, let’s not add another in our workplace. A place where we work 9 hours a day, where equality should exist and promotions and opportunities should be presented to anyone because of his capabilities, not skin colour, not gender and definitely not sexual preference.

How Do You Feedback Your Peer In A Report To Your Boss

It’s the time of the year again. What am I talking about? The dreadful appraisal. I’m not afraid of writing my own appraisal or being appraised by my peers. It’s when I am asked to appraise someone and that’s when I find the task simply dreadful. I don’t usually procrastinate but this is one task…

Guest Post: How to deal with negativity

I came across Susan’s article and my first thought is that “I’ve got to share this on MiddleMe!” She is gracious to let me host this here and I do hope you enjoy reading her thoughts as much I do. Go and drop by her blog today! Hello lovelies, The best way I deal with…