Why AI Can Never Replace Writers

In recent months, automated artificial intelligence has been in the news as several AI programs showed how easy it is for these technologies to replicate content. From CG art, videos showcasing deepfakes to top-notch essays, there is an AI program that can create these content at par with works done by artists and writers alike.

Because of its quality, there is a debate regarding using AI to replace certain professions, such as writers and other content creators. On the one hand, there are benefits in utilizing AI to do certain types of content, especially if they are trying to streamline their operations. On the other hand, AI still has limitations that affect its effectiveness as a viable replacement.

In the field of writing, here are the major reasons why we believe AI can never replace writers in their craft:

Relies heavily on patterns and common words or phrases

The most crucial problem with AI and the most notable reason it cannot replace writers is that it relies heavily on common words or phrases and patterns when working on certain topics. This means that it cannot write factual content; even if it can, it does not truly understand what it wrote. It will also read like it only copies what others wrote about the topic.

Restricted with its length

For content to create hype, it must be able to build the groundwork to help readers understand it. The argument must be presented first then the rest of the content should help the reader understand the content and lead to their conclusions. However, with AI content, it cannot connect its paragraphs together and make it easier for readers to understand the idea provided.

No audio or video scripts

AI is also quite limited in the type of content it can make. In the case of writing, it cannot create scripts for videos and audio formats like podcasts and narrations. Both content styles require a flexible writing style and consider a change in tone.

Subjective works are not possible

Online and offline content that requires text content isn’t always objective. Most of the time, it is subjective and requires the content to offer either recommendations, alternatives or additional information to support its central premise. AI fails to provide these points and often plagiarizes other published works on the topic to cover this problem.

Works don’t have emotions

Finally, AI cannot give a written work any emotions, restricting it from the type of content it could write. It cannot naturally add jargon, anecdotes and jokes, which help make content more appealing to readers. For many, this can be a turn-off because, for many people, they still want to feel that the content they read is relatable and convincing enough to warrant a positive response.

Undoubtedly, while AI technology is here to help improve how we create new types of content, it is far from perfect. There still needs to be human workers who can provide character to the piece and make it more relatable to the subject or topic on focus. Would AI reach the level that it can replace writers and surpass the abovementioned problems? Maybe, but getting a professional writer to do the work to produce the results you want for your business is still ideal.

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  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    The powers of AI are (for the moment, anyway) overrated. A 2018 documentary, More Human Than Human, presented a lot of theorising about what is possible with artificial intelligence. But the grand experiment of an AI that could interview the director fell well short of expectations.

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  2. kinge says:

    This is a very useful write. I was a bit worried about this. But still even ifbit can’t replace writers, i believe it still has its effects on them.

    My sister is a writer and since all this AI hype begun this year, she’s lost 80% of her workload. Leaving her confused about the future of this career.

    I rhink there are a lot of people experimenting on this hence reducing loads of works that were meant for humans.

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  3. Tom says:

    Hope you are right for this and other applications

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  4. I really don’t care much for AI. It will never be able to write what we want written with emotion. It can’t explain why we feel what we do when we are writing. Writers like we are know what we want said, and how we want it worded. It isn’t truly creative, it doesn’t have an imagination, and it can’t describe why things are the way they are. Thank you for sharing your content with us. Have a great week.

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  5. C.A. Post says:

    University students need to read this, but too many of them are too busy learning to use ChatGPT to write their essays.
    So sad. They are missing the opportunity to learn how to think and how to express their thoughts.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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