10 Delightful Gifts for the Boss

Is your boss celebrating their birthday? Looking for a gift to give them for Christmas, Boss Day or any other holiday? Or simply looking for a way to thank them? Whichever your situation is, it can really be hard to pick the best gift your boss will appreciate.

Each person has their own preferences, but if your boss receives a gift from you that you picked with all your heart, they will definitely appreciate it.

To help you sort through all the potential gifts you can give to your boss, here are our 10 great recommendations:

1. Custom stationery

If you want a classy gift for your boss, you can get them a custom stationery set. You can pick the design that matches their style or have one with their monogram.

2. Umbrella

Not all of us love using umbrellas, but they are great gifts to give to your boss because you can show them that you care about their health. It can protect them from the rain and intense sunlight.

3. Comfortable socks

It can get very cold in the office, especially if there is no one around. Your boss can definitely use socks to help them stay warm and comfortable all day in your office space. 

4. Desk toy

Your boss also deserves a break in between work and one great way to destress while at work is by fiddling with a desk toy. One great desk toy that can help them destress and focus on the task are magnetic desk toys.

5. Business card holder

Every boss will need a business card holder to keep all the business cards they receive from their peers and potential contacts. You can get the business card holder embossed with their initials on them or made in sturdy material that fits their style.

6. Wine

Going for a luxurious gift? Vintage wine can definitely take the cake. There is wine for any palate, from the traditional Reds to sparkling. To select the best wine, ask advice from a wine expert.

7. Massager

Being a boss can be stressful and sometimes, they do not have the time to go to a spa to relax and unwind. By giving them a good massager, they can get their stiff neck and back treated when it acts up after a busy day of working.

8. Multitool

If your boss is a person who is always on the go or someone who is great at fixing things, they would definitely appreciate receiving a multitool. When you are picking a multitool as a gift for your boss, make  sure it is easy to carry around and made from durable materials so they can use it anywhere at any given time.

9. Boss mug

Nothing can go wrong with a boss mug as a nice gift for your boss. There are a lot of options for boss mugs in the market, from themed mugs to boss mugs fully customized to match your boss completely.

10. Caricature of your boss

If you want something truly unique, why not commission an artist to make a cute and funny caricature of your boss? It would be a great way to make them laugh and a nice addition to their desk.

Giving a gift to your boss shouldn’t be something you do on a whim. It should be an act to show them how you are thankful for their guidance no matter how strict they can get. Don’t worry if the gift looks cheap or simple, so long as it was selected from the heart, they will definitely appreciate it.

It may be cheesy sometimes, but these gifts are little something to show your appreciation to your boss. Are you getting anxious for your end-year office party? Check out these articles:
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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.


  2. Manu says:

    These are some great ideas


  3. judeitakali says:

    this reads, 10 delightful gifts for myself. Coz i’m my boss. Thanks for sharing. Yipee.


  4. C.A. Post says:

    My sister was an executive secretary for one of the ‘big-wheels’ at Sprint. One of his business contacts sent him some cockatoos as a gift, and she presented them to him in his office. Fortunately, no one else was around (or maybe his reaction would have been more subdued?) and he blew up at her for bringing a “menagerie” into his office. Of course, she quickly removed the birds, and he later apologized for blowing up at her.
    But I notice you do not have any animals on your list. You are wise! 😁
    Wonder how he would have responded to a caricature!?? 😳
    yours and His,


  5. newwhitebear says:

    Ten tips to curry favor with the boss. Here’s what Kally proposed


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