If you’re interested in changing up the look and feel of your home but you don’t have a real strong design sense that you can fall back on, knowing where to draw some inspiration can help you figure out what you like, what you don’t like, and how to incorporate these things into your own home. So to help you see how this can be done and where you can look for this kind of guidance, here are three tips for finding new design inspiration for your home. 

Spend Some Time Traveling

One of the best ways to get inspiration for almost anything is to get yourself into a new environment. While this can be done by just visiting new places around where you live, traveling somewhere new can help you get all kinds of new and exciting experiences that can help you find some new inspiration. 

When visiting a new place, anything that you see, hear, or touch can give you inspiration for how to design or decorate your home. And especially if you’re able to make some purchases while you’re on your trip, you can use those items for your actual design or decor and then build off of these ideas until you have an entirely redone room. 

Consciously Observe Other’s Spaces

Sometimes, translating the look of a commercial space or a feeling that you get when you see something isn’t easy to do. So if you’re needing something a little more well spelled out for your design inspiration, consider taking a closer look at the home spaces that other people have designed in their homes. 

This can be done with anyone’s home that you have access to, be it someone that you know or someone that you see as a character in a TV show or movie. But by consciously looking at their home spaces and determining what you like and what you don’t like, be it the tile in their bathroom or the light fixtures they’re using, you can then look for those same types of items to use in your space. 

Figure Out What Most Draws You In

Many people don’t know how to pinpoint what their preferred design aesthetic is because they’ve never taken the time to really think about it. So if you’re looking for inspiration to use in a new design for your home, try to really figure out what most draws you in. Think about the places in your city that you love the most. Think about the homes that you’ve been in before that felt the most comfortable to you. Then, figure out what it was exactly that you loved about those places and how you can get that same look and feel in your own home. 

If you’re needing some new inspiration as you redo the look of your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know where to start your search.

12 replies on “<strong>3 Tips For Finding New Design Inspiration For Your Home</strong>

  1. Bonjour ce n’est qu’un petit passage

    Parfois on oublie de remercier les personnes qui rendent notre vie meilleure et plus heureuse.
    Parfois on oublie de leur dire qu’ils sont une partie importante dans notre vie.
    Aujourd’hui est un autre jour et je te remercie pour tout cela
    bise Amitié BERNARD

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  2. When I was building houses, I told clients to MAKE A LIST of all the items that they felt were most important, and to rate them based on which ones were “Must Haves” vs “Well, this would be nice.” 😉 And I always encouraged them to look at other houses on the market to see if there were ideas they had not thought of. There are also several sites online that I would recommend to them, and most give price estimates based on region of country for construction which made it nice. That way they could tell if some of their ideas were out of their price range.

    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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