Our mindset is a mighty force influencing our thinking and acting on the things before us. It is effortless to influence to make it think positive thoughts, and it does not take long for this idea to take root.

With this said, it can also quickly influence our mindset to think negatively. When this happens, it can affect your work life in several ways.

Here are the signs you need to look out for to know if your negative mindset is affecting your work performance:

1. On Morale

While it is normal to whine about things that go bad at work every once in a while, constantly doing it can harm the entire team. If one person complains repeatedly, it will spread throughout the team and eventually embed itself into the workplace. Since everyone is complaining, morale is lower, and everyone will not be motivated to work.

2. On Productivity

If you constantly stress about the bad things that can happen at work and you have low morale, it will reduce your capacity to produce results. If you have a negative mindset, you are more likely to be tired from too much stress and have negative thoughts about the company. As a result, your productivity suffers from these negative thoughts.

3. On Being With Others

Not every person in your workplace will love to work with you. If you love to please people or want attention, it is toxic if you focus your actions on what people think about you, and it will disable you from taking risks and being innovative with your efforts.

4. On Expectations Of Others

Are you constantly buzzing over when you will get your promotion or waiting for that lunch invite from your colleagues? If that is a yes, your thinking may hamper you from building relationships that will help you deal with your work. For example, if you expect to be greeted during their birthday and never forget others’ birthday, in hopes that they see you as a thoughtful person, it may cause others to see you as annoying and not deal with you.

5. On Expectations Of Yourself

A negative mindset can disable you from realizing that you can’t control everything in your work. If you pressure yourself too much, it will cause you to pressure others and, eventually, affect your capacity to focus on your work.

6. On Remaining In The Company

A negative mindset affects the way you look at the company. If you are constantly unhappy with your work and the people around you, it will push you into leaving the company you desperately tried to get approved for in the first place. The company may also cite your negative mindset as a setback if another team wishes to hire you for their team.


It is normal to have negative thoughts every once in a while as a way to deal with work-related stress. However, if you constantly think negatively about everything at work and do not do your best to combat it, it will definitely cost you your career. If you find yourself leaning towards a more negative mindset, try to fight it through positivity and reaching out to others. If you constantly think positive and reach out to others to help you deal with the negativity, you can get past it and perform well.

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14 replies on “Is a Negative Mindset Affecting Your Work Performance

  1. 💜 What if YOU!!! NEED!!! to “Work” where YOU!!! want to; instead of where YOU!!! Feel YOU!!! Have To 😔😑😶‍🌫️ 🤔 ?


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      1. 💜 “Work” should be a hobby that earns money EveryOne; to make space for hobbies that don’t earn money EveryBody


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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 It’s Foolishness, as Mr T sez, to “Work” and Be Miserable; then TAKING IT OUT!!! with Beatings, Psychological and Other Abuse on YOUR!!! Family and Friends that YOU!!!! Claim to Care About with YOUR!!! ‘Hard’ “Work”

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  3. Kally, well said. Our attitude sets the stage on whether it is going to be a good or bad day. If you’re having negative thoughts, change the paradigm to avoid what an article calls “stinking thinking.” Get up and move around, go outside, etc. I would add every office group has negative people. Avoid them. They are looking for an audience to complain to, so lessen those encounters. They will bring you down. When I worked with those kinds of folks, I kept thinking of that Bob Dylan song that says “I wish for just one day you could stand inside my shoes, then you’d know what a drag it is to see you.” Again, great post. Keith

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    1. Haha. Good one with the Bob Dylan song. Great comment, Keith. I try not to let office politics get the best of me. It can be very toxic indeed.


  4. Great topic, Kally. Negativity can really have an impact on your work and working environment, and not in a good way. There are different things that can affect one’s mindset. Sometimes someone is having stress in their personal life, or maybe they are finding their workload challenging, intimidated by a colleague or maybe their ego and pride gets in the way. I found your points on expectations interesting. Everyone will have different expectations of their performance at work and of their colleagues. I think clear communication and being respectful at work is key here to get along with others and minimise stress at work.


  5. Positive or negative thoughts are always there but in the workplace it is better to have them positive. Your reflections are very useful to prevent negative thoughts from conditioning us


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