You are my wall
The strength behind me that powers me on
The net that catches me if I fall
The guy who told me don’t give up
Wipe my tears and chin up
Nothing ain’t going to be so bad
Because nothing ain’t worth being that sad
And you will always be my wall
And never let me fall

This is a huge thank you to all the fathers in the world. To my dad, you are the best dad. You are so great that I went and get a replica of you. 

To my husband and the father of our beautiful girls, thank you for being a wall for me, supporting me throughout my journey in freelancing, stepping into my place when I am overwhelmed with work, be both the mother & the father whenever I can’t be around. Thank you for taking up all the challenges thrown to us and facing any adversaries with me. Alone, you could have done it all but together, we have succeed even more. 

To all the great fathers, you are always important in our lives. The first man in my life. 

PS. I am finishing my first draft on my first book that marries both parenthood and freelancing. Follow me here or over @ my social media to be notified once my book is complete.

39 replies on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Oh Kally, what a beautiful expression of love and honor to the men in your life. Congrats on finishing the draft of your book. It is a process, but so rewarding. Take care my friend. 😊🌺😍✨💖🤗🎆

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  2. A beautiful tribute to the father’s in your life. Your expression of gratitude is something every father should hope to earn from his daughter and every husband from his wife.


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