9 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Change at Work

Workers have different ideas when it comes to changes in work. Some would welcome it because it means they have more chances to move up in their position and learn new skills. Others will go with the flow, while there will be those who fear it.

There are many reasons people fear change at work, from fearing failure to fearing the unknown. While it is customary to fear things we have no control of, letting it run wild can cause immense stress and disable you from focusing on the tasks at hand.

To help you overcome your fear of change at work, here are nine great tips we recommend you to try:

1. Acknowledge The Changes Happening

Before facing your fear and overcoming it, you need to acknowledge that change is happening and accept it. When you accept the change, you will manage it better.

2. Recognise Your Fear And Accept It

If you are afraid of change, don’t be scared of accepting it. Try writing your fear on paper and what you can improve your response to this fear. Doing this will help you stop dwelling on your worries and create a backup plan you can fall back into when your anxiety is getting the best out of you.

3. Think About The Benefits To Your Future Goals

Change in the workplace is primarily positive, but people become sceptical about it until the changes take into effect. Before you fear the changes, look into the benefits of the shift in your career goals and if it will continue.

4. Allot Time For “Worrying”

Worrying can eat a lot of your time which you could use for work and affect your morale. If you can’t help but worry, put a “worry” time in your schedule and use that time to look into your fear and overcome it.

5. Have Open And Stable Communication

Communicating with the company and the rest of the team can also help you overcome your fear. If you keep it all to yourself and don’t engage with your team, you will be susceptible to believing rumours and misconceptions, fueling your fear.

6. Train Yourself To Have The Skills Needed For The Shift

Some people fear change in the workplace because they believe they do not have the skills needed to succeed and perform well. That fear is valid because it is possible they are missing a skill to succeed in the task, but it can also be invalid because they may be doubting their skills because of their fear. Whatever your situation is, you can fight your fear by training yourself to develop the right skills. Training also helps your confidence in overcoming your fear.

7. Be An Example In Embracing The Change

It can be hard to enforce change if no one embraces the changes. Even if you are afraid of the change, you can overcome it by being the person who takes the first step in accepting the change and sticking with it. When people see you embrace the change despite your doubts, they will follow your lead.

8. Be Involved

If there is a change in the workplace, you can stop your fear from overcoming you by becoming involved in the transition. For example, if there is a proposed new employee program, volunteer for the review committee to polish it for everyone’s benefit. Involvement allows you to answer the questions you have about the change and make it easier for you to accept it.

9. Stay Positive

Fear is caused by our negative emotions and negative scenarios that our mind conjures because of what we hear and see. If you want to fight this fear, you need to stay positive, and having a positive mindset allows you to counter negative thoughts and clear your mind.

Change is constant and unavoidable, especially in the workplace. While it is ok to fear change, you must adapt to it to keep moving forward. If you cannot conquer your fear, you may become a weak link that will push the company down. Try the nine tips we listed above to help you handle the changes around you at work.

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  1. capost2k says:

    Since the ONLY thing that never changes is that EVERYTHING keeps changing, this is solid advice for all areas of life. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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