10 Jobs for the Party Animals

Do you love to party or host parties? If that is a yes, there are great careers out there that will help you earn money doing the thing you love.

Here are the 10 best jobs you can apply for if you love to party:


As a bartender, you don’t just create party drinks to keep the party going. You also begin conversations with customers and make them feel welcome in the bar.

You do not need to have any formal education to be one, but you need to undergo rsa training melbourne or in your location, to get a bartending license to secure a job as one. The necessary training will teach you the dangers of alcohol and ensure that you can safely and responsibly execute your new job in hospitality.

Event planner

Event planners are behind the parties, setting them up from the location to its execution on the day itself.

Event planners must have a bachelor’s degree in either communication, events management or related fields.

Hotel Manager

Hotel managers ensure that guests are satisfied with their stay in your hotel and everything is operating smoothly. You will also be assigned to speak to the employees to see if they need anything or have concerns regarding certain facilities.

If you are interested in this job, you need to have a hospitality or hotel management degree.

Promotions Director

Every marketing team needs a promotions director who will organize the company’s promotional events and parties. They are also the ones who work on spreading the brand’s message to their intended audience.

Every promotions director must have a degree in promotions, marketing management or advertising to secure the job.

Restaurant Host

As a restaurant host, you are the first person guests meet before they enter the restaurant. You will also be the one to get them seats and answer any inquiries they have about the restaurant and its food.

You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree to get a job as a restaurant host. But, it would help if you were open to speaking to all sorts of people and making them feel welcome.

Disk Jockey

Disc jockeys or DJs are the life of the party because they provide the beats to keep a party going. They can respond to any music request and twist it. If you are successful, you may even get invited to sponsored events and music festivals. DJs’ salaries vary depending on their employer, with radio station DJs earning a steady amount each month.


If you can maintain the peace and can stop people safely, you can work as a bouncer. You must discern if people won’t cause trouble once they have a few drinks and talk to other people.

Talent Scout

Talent scouts go to every public location and event to find the next big talent. You don’t have to possess a certain degree, but you need an eye for talent to succeed in this field.


When you become a publicist, you will be working with clients and helping them with events. They will also decide whether they should take certain events and design their client’s public image.

Travel Guide

Those who love to party will love being a travel guide. In this job, you will be taking tourists around locations and helping them bond with the locals through parties and other places.

Partying should not be seen negatively, especially if you know how to monetise your love for it. Let these 10 jobs guide you on what jobs you can try out and see which ones work for you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing those job ideas. I also looked at some of your other postings about different jobs. They all are interesting. Have a wonderful week.

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  2. Shelly DS says:

    You forgot a very common one – banker. 😅

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  3. Really a helpful post 😊

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