30 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 31 August

    1. God is here , there and everywhere ,
      The divine truth is really fair ,
      For us , the spirit would care ,
      Infinite blessings are never rare ,
      Omnipotence omnipresence, and eternity
      Sure , to the Lord , can you sware…
      Of that fact , know and take care ,
      Be present in the now and aware ,
      Nothing to fear and nothing to scare ,
      Going forward with holiness we dare

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  1. A serious problem here in the USA, and I am seeing in many other countries is confusion over what “freedom” is. Most equate freedom with being able to do what ever one wishes to do; that is not freedom, that is licentiousness or lawlessness. Real freedom comes from knowing there are responsibilities that keep free people free.
    “Confirm thy soul in self-control; thy liberty in law.” (from America, the Beautiful: http://www.americathebeautiful.com/lyrics2.htm)


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