10 Tips to Help Reduce Job Search Anxiety

Job searching can be both fun and nerve-wracking because you never know what opportunities are available to you at this time. Sometimes, you may end up finding the job of your dreams, while there will be times you won’t be able to find anything at all. The uncertainty can trigger job search anxiety, affecting one’s mindset if it is not overcome.

If you are a first-time job seeker or looking for a new job, here are ten great tips you can follow to reduce your job search anxiety:

Set Up A Clear To-Do-List For Your Job Search

Sometimes, it can get overwhelming to sort out your job application, especially if the job opening you found is the one you want.

To prevent yourself from breaking down because of this issue, you can break down your tasks into mini-tasks and create a to-do list to manage them in order.

Have A Goal Set

If you think your job search isn’t going along well, focus on goals that you can do to improve your job search.

For example, you can set the goal of revising your cover letter for a few days then focus on the resume. Having a goal will motivate you into focusing on your job search and help you improve your application.

Read Success Stories

As you wait for the results of your job search or if you feel down about the lack of progress, check out the success stories of successful people who also faced obstacles before they got a job. Their stories can inspire you to continue your search and improve your application.

Customise Your Resume And Cover Letter

Before you do your job search, you must take some time to modify your resume and cover letter to match the job opening that caught your attention.

Start by building a basic resume and cover letter, then edit it to match the job you are applying for. Doing this reduces the time you need to modify your resume and give you extra time to continue your job search.

Check Your Qualifications

When doing a job search, make sure to only apply for the jobs that match your qualifications. Doing this step will increase the chances of you scoring a chance to be interviewed for a job. Always check the job descriptions and see which key skills they are looking for.

Be Happy With Your Successes

We tend to get hit by anxiety when we focus too much on the what-ifs rather than what we have done. If you feel like your anxiety is getting too much, stop for a while and reflect on what has happened so far.

If you have gotten some job interviews, be thankful even if you didn’t get the job. If you get good feedback, celebrate. With your hard work reaping results little by little, your confidence levels will increase and help you control your anxiety.

Practice For The Interviews

While waiting for your job search to bear fruit, take some time to practice for the job interviews that will come to you. Some people may become anxious because of these interviews and fail to respond during the actual interviews. With practice, you can improve your answers and boost your confidence at the same time.

Don’t Focus On One Job, Apply To More!

Whether it is your first job or a new job to replace your old one, you need to ensure that you aren’t closing your doors to other opportunities. Apply to more than one job, so you have more chances of getting an offer.

Ask For Help

Another great way to reduce your anxiety is getting help from others who can alleviate what stresses you out. Seek out your family, friends or even mentors to find new ways to deal with your job search anxiety. You can also find it easier to lower your stress levels by talking to others.

Take A Break

Job searches can be very draining, especially if you can’t find the job you can apply for. Don’t force yourself if you feel like your anxiety is at its peak. Take a break and do something fun to take your mind off your job search, like go out with your family and friends or have a coffee break. 


If you feel anxious as you do your job search, don’t panic because you are not alone. Others also feel job search anxiety, especially if their job search isn’t doing so well. If you feel like giving up, take a pause and breathe.

Try out one of the tips above to get your anxiety under control because once you do, you will be able to focus on your efforts in landing the job you want and succeed.

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    Very helpful post. Thanks!

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    Excuse me for flipping the conversation 180 degrees, Kally, but I just found this article about the Lying Flat movement in China. Are you familiar with it?

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  3. Great tips! I often find having an ordered approach helps to calm my anxiety when it comes to job hunting.

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      Same here.

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