Why Creating an Online Profile is Important for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you will need to find an avenue to get people to avail your services, and with the digital age with us, the best way is by having an online profile. There are many online platforms you can choose from to build your online profile, and you can sign up for all of them. But, there is a problem with this because you may not be able to keep up with your profiles and, in turn, lose the potential clients who may want to ask for your services.

The key is to keep a few online profiles and update them regularly to keep the information fresh.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should be smart with your online profile and why you need to have one if you don’t have one yet:

It will help you get past your competition

When people see your online profile, they can get an immediate impression of your offering based on your profile.

If your profile is properly designed and has everything they need to know, they will easily be impressed and contact you for your services. If your profile is incomplete, has poor photos and isn’t properly thought out, they will leave and look for someone else.

Having LinkedIn set up for my online profile helps more than Facebook or Instagram, as potential clients can see my relevant experience and expertise in multiple areas.

Having Your Brand Matters

Since many freelancers nowadays offer the same services as you do, you will need to find ways to stand out, and you can do so by building your brand.

You can customise your online profile to showcase your tagline, logo and works that showcase your style. Consistent messaging and branding reinforce the image you want people to connect to you and get them to remember you easily.

I have written in-depth here on why personal branding is essential.

It acts as your portfolio

When you showcase a typical resume, you won’t showcase to your potential clients what you can do. You can’t show them samples for them to see how well you work. But, with an online profile, you will be able to offer photos or videos of your work for them to discern if you are the right person for the job. You can even personalize your profile to show your best work for people to see.

This is where MiddleMe showcases my writing skills that help attract many potential businesses my way.

Gives you a chance to show you are an expert

As you use your online profile, you will see people coming in and asking for your advice or comment. If you are active and take time to respond to their inquiries, people will know that you know what you are offering and slowly trust you.

It also builds your reputation and gets referred to people who may need your services.

Having an Upwork and Fiverr profile helps new clients see my reviews from past clients that are satisfied with my work.

Office worker girl

Helps you boost your business

Having an online profile opens more avenues for you to explore to develop your business. You may be able to get new offers of job opportunities you may not have been aware of, like collaborations and whatnots.

With my profiles strategically placed, it is easy to rank my brand on search engine and attract clients to click on any of the profiles to understand my work and who I am as a freelancer.

It is no doubt that having an online profile will take some time and effort to make it an effective marketing tool for your services. But, if done correctly and you take the time to update it constantly, you will reap its rewards and get a steady flow of customers ready to hire you for your services.

So, start updating your online profile today or create one if you still haven’t started it!

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  1. Thank you for another great advice, Kally! I hope you are well, and can enjoy fantastic weather conditions. Best wishes, Michael

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      Thank you so much! always looking forward to your comment, Michael.

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    I think you might improve this blog by showing more actual examples of your excellent business ideas

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      Good idea. Thank you so much!


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