22 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 2 March

  1. Have YOU ever considered YOUR uniqueness?

    No two humans are exactly alike, so discover and uncover YOUR uniqueness; and use the talents God has gifted you to make your world a Better place. And THAT dear friend, can ONLY happen by you BEING you.

    Another good one Kally,
    Thank you!

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    1. You deserves a BIG Thank You and a warm hug. Thank you for such a beautiful comment, Patrick and also, for having such a big heart. Your encouragement today brings smiles into my life.


    2. In fact, I love this quote SO Much, I’m sharing it on my social media this evening at 1800hrs SGT.

      If you like to catch it, it will be live here:
      Instagram @kallymiddleme
      Twitter (MiddleMe_net)
      FaceBook (MiddleMe.net)

      Thank you so much, Patrick for inspiring me.


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