Some companies do not advertise their job openings and their search for prospective talents to join their ranks. If you seek to join these companies, a great way to determine if they have an opportunity waiting for you is by sending them an application with a prospecting cover letter attached to it.

But, how do you write a prospecting cover letter that will help you land a new job? Below are some tips that can guide you in creating a unique prospecting cover letter:

Know what makes prospecting cover letters different

Like any other cover letter, you need to include all the key information that companies need to see to prove that you are a good candidate for the position you are inquiring about. However, in prospecting cover letters, you will need to showcase your interest in working for the company in general and let them know why you think you are a great asset.

Use a great hook to catch their attention

Use a great hook or attention-grabbing subject for hiring managers to notice your mail even if they do not immediately recognise your name. The subject must show what position you are hoping to apply for and why you should be considered.

For example, “Get more turnarounds with a unique campaign” or “Aspiring developer interested in company A”

Defend your case

If you want companies to take their time reading your application, you need to have a clear reason why you should be considered for the company. Show your skills, experiences, and achievements, then tie it up to the company’s goals or needs. You can also show what new ideas you can bring to the company.

Use a referrer if you have

If you know someone working for the company or has links to the company, ask them if they can vouch for you. You can mention it in your letter and explain how you are connected to them.

Let them know when you are available

In your conclusion, let them know your availability and how they can reach out to you for a follow-up discussion or an interview. Be open to opportunities as they may offer you other ways to get involved while waiting for an interview.  

Below is a prospecting cover letter sample that you can use as a basis to write your own:

Sample 1  – Text

Dear Ms Jane Doe,

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for many Asian families across the region. However, compared to other industries, it does not provide local farmers with enough income. To help these families, especially with the increasing prices of agricultural products, you will need a public representative who will showcase how agribusiness can help farmers earn more. From my experience before, I have reached out to various communities in the region extensively, and with this, I can assist Wilmar International to expand more awareness in this field.

I have been working with various non-government organisations to help families across Asia and learn new techniques to earn more from the agriculture industry for the past three years. I also worked as a volunteer for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to help educate families in becoming agriculturally productive and alleviate poverty.

I also studied Urban Agricultural Technology at the Republic Polytechnic, which prepared and made me understand how to employ the latest technologies to improve agriculture production, especially in the urban areas.

I have included my resume with this letter, and I would love to discuss how I could help Wilmar International reach out to more families in Asia. Thank you for your consideration and your time.

John Smith

Sample 2  – Email

For prospecting cover letters that will be sent online, your subject must include your name and the purpose of your email as shown below:

Subject: Job Opportunity Inquiry from Jane Doe

When you’re writing the conclusion of your cover letter, list down your contact details after your signature and not in the body of the letter, for example:

Dear Mr. John Smith,

I am writing today to inquire if there is a job opportunity at Wilmar International for an Urban Agricultural Technology graduate. I have experienced developing new programs to improve agricultural productivity, especially in poor urban communities in Asia. I am confident that my experience can be an asset to your company, considering its focus in agribusiness in Asia.

Aside from developing programs, I have also worked as a teacher in the Faculty of Agriculture at Republic Polytechnic. I taught about the different ways on how agriculture can be used as a means of stable livelihood, even in urban communities. Furthermore, I have participated in various conferences and discussed the benefits of agriculture.

Working closely with non-government organisations before made me reached out to various communities in the region and discovered other methods that can be used to improve agriculture in certain areas.

My experience has shown me the importance of analysing every aspect of an agriculture issue and working with everyone else to find sustainable solutions. Thanks to my experience, I also can work with any team, both in the office or in the field.

I am very confident that I will be able to assist your company, aligned with its goals and find another avenue to boost agribusiness in Asia.

Jane Doe


Don’t be afraid to ask companies if you don’t see any job openings available, and you wish to work for them. Expressing interest through prospecting cover letter can help employers know those job seekers interested in helping their companies flourish through their business goals and visions.

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22 replies on “How to Hook A New Job with A Prospecting Cover Letter (with samples!)

    1. Try to invest also in shares as well as a side hustle to help you keep your wealth and illumination growing while having more and more financial freedom …
      Have you read the book called money master the game by Tony Robbins?

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      1. Hey there Wael. I burned my fingers with shares long ago so I’m never going back there…..
        Not read the book….not interested kn that kind of reading material….j wont last more than 2 pages….but thanks for the suggestion….have a lovely day

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  1. As is YOUR usual; very well done Kally.
    Thank you for this informative POST.

    Now long retired, I spent many years in management positions with hiring as one of my responsibilities.

    Three suggestions.
    [1] Keep the Resume as brief as possible; but DO supply the essential enticing information (Briefly as being informative provides)
    [2] To further insure that it will be read; use a unique; or at least not a common type of matching paper & envelope. Office Stores usually have a variety to choose from.
    [3] Don’t exaggerate; or lie.

    Your goal is to appear both different and BETTER than your competition.

    God Be with you,

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  2. One thing that attracts better opportunities is taking care of your health and emotional well-being. Health is also a priceless wealth . If people get used to being aware of their emotions , meditate , walk in nature from time to time , pray simply, all would help them to possess greater clarity of mind and be more creative …
    Mind , body and soul are inter-connected and intertwined naturally …

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