15 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 2 April

  1. This is why it is better according to the book called the power of now by Eckhart to be aware and present in the moment in the now here…
    Aware of your thoughts and emotions and aware what is happening in your surroundings…
    ( I am paraphrasing…)

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  2. We are meant to be balanced . A little bit of fear or anger is required sometimes as a survival or proection mechanism to feel that we should change something both from within and so without and transform it into the light of awareness and love …

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  3. This IS true; life IS a hard teacher; but nevertheless; still a TEACHER.

    Do we just complain, or do we learn from what life (and often our personal stupidity or pride) handles us?

    THAT dear friends ; very often, is the difference between success and failure.

    Seldom can we change what is already done; but we can learn NOT to repeat our errors.

    God Bless, Stay Safe my friend Kally


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    1. That is so true. If we listen hard to life and learn from all the bumps, we can avoid the holes altogether.

      Thank you, Patrick. Stay blessed and positive.


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