20 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 12 December

  1. My dream doesn’t scare me…
    I was supposed to finish my current role last week, but the receptionist was called up for jury duty.
    She was back today, so now I finish tomorrow. I spent most of the day trying to catch up on the parts of my job I haven’t been able to do for a week.
    And I’ve had this recurring dream.
    It’s just after midnight on New Years Day. I’m celebrating, in the company of beautiful women, and my phone rings.
    It’s my manager, saying that the court case wasn’t finished properly and I have to go back to substitute for the receptionist.
    I ask:
    How long?
    My manager replies:
    I don’t know. You’re starting work at seven o’clock.
    My dream doesn’t scare me. It terrifies me.

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