Many people with ADHD often find it difficult to find a job they can stick to for a long time. Some companies do not have a program to help ADHD workers adapt to the workplace or even help those who have not been diagnosed. There is also a lack of training and awareness in the workplace so others know what to do if they have colleagues with ADHD.

Companies and businesses must not disregard these workers because they actually can help in ways you never expect.

Their tendency to ‘hyperfocus’ can help in certain projects

Those who have been diagnosed with ADHD often experience ‘hyper-focusing,’ a period where they focus on one thing with zeal.

If companies take note which passions or fields these workers are specialized in, they may be able to fulfil the work efficiently.

Workers with ADHD can focus even in emergencies

Since workers with ADHD have a different way of thinking, they would respond differently during emergencies.

For example, if your company project is approaching the deadline and you are not yet done, they will not panic. Instead, workers with ADHD will focus, react immediately and do the task calmly.

They have a flexible way of thinking

People with ADHD often have a different way of thinking through topics.

If you are discussing a topic that looks like it can’t be solved, these people will be able to look at the situation differently and present a different angle to the topic.

They are very creative

Many people with ADHD would be a big asset to companies or businesses dealing with creative products and services.

Since they can give a different look to certain ideas with their flexible way of thinking, they can find other projects where these ideas can be applied. Some of them can even make works of art thanks to their drive and focus.

They are detail-oriented

For many of us, we tend to miss some key details when we make projects or do tasks. However, these details can be crucial in making the task work out perfectly and omitting them can be dangerous if clients take note of it.

But, for people with ADHD, they will take care of tasks given to them. They will ensure that every detail is listed down and taken care of before they submit the task. You would even be surprised about the things they will be able to include in their task.

In Other Words

There are other benefits in having workers with ADHD in the company and each can help make a difference for companies who employ them. If companies take the effort to help these workers and give them ways to cope up with their disorder, these workers will show their appreciation by helping the company succeed.

So, don’t disregard or see them as a burden because, with some help, they do have immense talent just waiting to be discovered.

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21 replies on “Why People With ADHD Can Be Extremely Valuable In Workforce

  1. Hey Kally! This is one of the most optimistic positive thing i read about people with ADHD. I can’t focus on a thing earlier days, i can’t sit still even for 5 minutes. It took me years to have better focus on things and lot of workouts and sweat to become the person i am today. I was poor at studies and never once people around me took effort to find out what my problem is. I did it all by myself by understanding myself and having my own goals. Well said about the people with ADHD, i dont know if i had ADHD or still have but this is really motivating as i could relate myself with all good things mentioned here. Have a beautiful day Kally. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We are not build the same. We should always have compassion for others whether they are ADHD. Your journey isn’t easy but I’m glad you look at it positively and managed to come through the tough times. You are an inspiration to all of us!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kally! This is a timely and useful post for me. I am currently shopping around for someone to market a book coming out in January and so far the prime candidate is a young man with ADHD. Before reading your post, I had no idea of all the strengths he might bring to the job due to his ADHD. I am grateful to you for shedding some light on that.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Agreed, Kally. Absolutely. As elaborated in your earlier post on a similar topic, “our” ADHD person responds to challenges much in the manner you’ve described.

    At times the ADHD is exacerbating – I’m not going to lie – but even more often it’s uplifting, even sparkling. That flexibility and creativity buoy us all!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks Kally,

    This is a compassionate and an important message.

    I’m reminded that God “Does NOT make junk”; and these special people are just that SPECIAL! And Special people can and will contribute when give a fair opportunity to do so.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Liked by 2 people

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