25 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 24 October

      1. I just recently picked up a game from GameStop and have invested several hours into it already. It helps distract me and takes my mind off of things. I had forgotten how much fun gaming used to be. Usually I just watch my husband play his games on PS4, but none of his games interest me.

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          1. Oh wow, talk about true love! What kinds of games does your sister play?

            I play RPGs and JRPGs mostly. The last game I finished was Okami. I liked it so much for PS2 that I bought it again for PS4. I wrote about it in a blog post called, “My Favourite Things.” Right now I’m playing Persona 5.

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          2. She plays mainly MMORPG on PC. I’m not sure what games she’s on now. I’m not really a gamer. The only games I play are on my iPhone or VR on PS4 or the old school arcade games. Haha.

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  1. I still play Civilization III Complete (the original game and two expansions) on my laptop. The original game was released in 2001. Civ is now up to Civ VI, but it takes a lot more computing and video power than my laptop has. Plus, I wasn’t a fan of what they did with Civ IV as they turned it into more a power gamer version whereas I, and about 75 – 95% of their player base, am a casual gamer. If you stay up late up playing it, you get an occasional message from an advisor saying “Sleep is for the weak.” I often stay up late playing it.

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    1. Wow! I no longer game as much as before. I used to be like you, forgo sleep to play and conquer. Those were the days when I was younger and sleep isn’t important.


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