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16 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 18 October

  1. ON TIME! Today? First sign of the success of the great awaited for thing that really, really matter. First thing this morning? A surprise update on her life from my first grand-daughter.

    I’m besides myself with joy inexplicable and full of my Heavenly Father’s esteem and honour. Only He could do the work of restoration of my family.

    Indeed! We were a family. A dysfunctional family, but! A loving family we were…WE STILL ARE…

    Did you get my email with my latest? Hope to hear from you soon my faithful little Kally. Much love, thia. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What a great quote. I believe, and I state this on my new website that we should “celebrate individual achievements no matter how small”. What beautiful daffodils too. So bright and happy.


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