*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

If you think it is the lack of money, that’s not it. I love what I do and I know it is not a conventional career, something that my parents would want me to grow up being and certainly, this job is not something I wanted when my teacher asked us to write an essay on my ambition.

Despite what a lot of people might think, I am a university graduate with a finance degree. I graduated from school and did the normal route of getting myself hired in a prestigious bank. Day in, day out, I clocked my hours like everyone does, working like a worker bee, going home like a zombie. I always felt there are so much more in life. After 2 years into my cushy banking job, with enough savings, I took a sabbatical leave and went for an Eastern Europe backpacking trip.

It was there I met Mike. He was quite a charming guy but not really my type as he was like 20 years older than me. He is the perfect gentleman and will wine and dine me every evening. When his holiday ends and he needs to fly back to London, he asked if I would like to see him again if he flies down to my country, I couldn’t say no. He then passed me an envelope and in it was a wad of Euros for me to live luxuriously for the remaining of my Europe trip!

I thought that was the end of seeing Mike. I went back to my old job after three months of break. My time in Europe was like a faraway dream especially after I met Mike. Back to reality, I begin to resent being stuck at a 9-to-6 job, waiting for paycheck end of the month. I know I should be grateful that I am able to land myself such a good job when some of my friends are still hopping from one odd job to another. I’m not an insolent spoil brat. I just want more in life than to stare blankly at my computer screen.

After a week back, Mike contacted me and told me that he is flying down for a week. My heart soared with his news and I couldn’t believe that he wants to see me! He wasn’t any different from the day we parted. Still the perfect gentleman. However, he brought along a friend of his, Craig. Craig is different from Mike, he is young and goofy sometimes, a lot closer to my age group. Going out with Mike is like going out with your lecturer, very prim and proper. However, with Craig in the mix, he and I hit it off instantly. By the end of the week, Mike asked if I would be willing to accompany Craig and bring him around, “take care” of him for the next couple of weeks. In exchange, I get gifts, expensive dinners, entries to members only places and of course, a wad of cash at the end of Craig’s stay. I was doubtful but I wasn’t uncomfortable. Craig is cute and I will not hesitate to date him if I have met him on Tinder. As Mike puts it, Craig is just being ‘appreciative’ of the time we spend together.

I’ll work in the day while date Craig in the evenings, sometimes spending the night at his 5 stars suite. On weekends, we went shopping, swimming and sightseeing. To be honest, I was a little sad to see Craig leave. I even send him off at the airport just like what you will do to a dear friend leaving. Sadness was not for long until I get another call from Mike within the same month. This time round was a good business partner of his flying down to my location for a week long business conference.

And then it so begins… with Sam, John, Wynn, Chris… Last names were never exchanged, these guys never revealed too much of themselves. I don’t know if they have girlfriends or wives or children, it’s like an unspoken rule that I never asked and they never tell. Most of the time, they flew into my city but I do occasionally get invited back to Europe.

I begin to do pretty well for myself at my job and even gotten promoted to be a manager. I guess partially due to my newfound confidence, I am more poised, well-read and able to hold my own conversation regardless the topics are about politics, war, soccer or stock markets. This definitely comes from my new social life. The guys I have dated are usually old, well-mannered gentlemen who have dabbled in all kinds of businesses all over the world. They are refined with exquisite taste in food, clothes and wine.

Many of my coworkers think that I came from a well-to-do background to explain my branded handbags and exotic trips. One of my shoes even cost more than half a year salary! Yes, I am afraid of being find out one day. Even the fear of being found out never outweigh the excitement I’m experiencing when I’m out with one of these guys. I know I will lose my job if anyone were to know what I am doing on the sidelines. I am aware that one day I might even have to serve one of my ‘boyfriends’ in the bank I worked. I know my parents will be gravely disappointed in me and my grandmama will flip in her grave if word gets out. I just couldn’t bear to be back to the old boring life that I was previously living.

Until then, I look forward to Mike’s call once a month to my next adventure.

*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

8 replies on “Whisper: I moonlight as an Escort

  1. Wow!
    Interesting but I would not consider it the right way to escape from life’s hardship. This moonlighting may sound fancy and a must-try for many but it will sure not be without paying the price first.
    And, this is just me who is thinking so as everyone has his/her own opinion towards it. No hard feelings 🙂

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  2. This is one of those posts that many want to put up but don’t. So thank you for sharing. I see nothing wrong with the young woman’s actions. I have a novel in outline form that deals with the same issue. And the more research I do, the more interesting this sort of life style became.

    First of all we are made to feel that a woman who dates men for cash is a moral reprobate and will “pay” for her sins one way or the other. Hollywood loves this plot, especially the “fallen” part where the woman ends up being sold into slavery! I think that is defensive thinking–“since I don’t agree with it, it must be wrong.” So far as I’m concerned, the “wrong” being committed by the woman in this example is her absurd economics. Of course she should want nice things to wear, but she should want the solid portfolio more than a handbag.

    And there are the issues of “control” and “personal freedom.” One might say the down side is the man behind the scenes, in this case, Mike. Is he really the gentleman he appears to be? How do we know he isn’t a hardcore OCD maniac who is leading our poor little sex-doll into the pit? Well, it’s a toss. Millions upon millions of women can tell you that the man they married turned out NOT to be the man he appeared to be and led them into years of misery and abuse.

    If I were to say anything to the woman it would be two suggestions: One: get away from Mike and be your own boss. And two: get money smart and think of your future at forty-plus.

    Would I suggest going into the escort service to a lovely, eighteen year old? Hell no. I’d tell her, and I have countless times told young women, go to college, don’t look for a millionaire husband, look for your own millionaire career.

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    1. Thanks, Paul for sharing your thoughts. Interesting point of view and from a different angle. What you just said is about controlling your own fate and getting the best out of your situation.

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  3. As tempting as living an interesting double life might appear to be, there are risks of STDs. No vaccine is available yet for herpes, hepatitis C and hepatitis D. These viral infections are transmittable via kissing. Although one won’t die from getting herpes yet it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable when cold sores appear in unwanted areas. If a woman has desire to become a mother later on in life, then, be informed that genital herpes manifesting itself during pregnancy could cause blindness in her baby. One might run out of luck some day.

    Instead of worrying about getting discovered or shaming, smart women need to have exit plan. Those wads of euros received could be invested wisely into various financial portfolios to generate passive income. Then, she will still be able to enjoy her high flying lifestyle in the future without relying on her sponsors. It’s also possible to turn her networks into business partners. Since her sponsors stay in Europe, she can try to obtain sole distributorship of niche products or services and vice versa. Being business and financially savvy might score a boyfriend/husband for real. Who knows? Personally, escorting lifestyle is against my life principles.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll say to each her own, I’m not in her shoes hence I won’t be able to say she is right or wrong. In this case, it is her story to share and we are the audience. But interesting that most of you thinks she should invest in her future and work at planning for her exit.

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  4. Well this reminded me my time when I was in college and I wanted money for fees. So when someone offered me a job as a waiter in an erotic dance bar I took it. No one in my family knows about it. I was earning good money and my financial situation improved. It was a great experience. A lot of people think erotic dancers are prostitutes but I made friends with those ladies and realized that many of them are working to repay their loans and other financial issues.

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    1. Thank you for sharing a different perspective. We all have our roads to take, different paths to travel, I’ll say it’s her choice to make, her bed to lay. 🙂

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