Staying focused as a freelancer is hard work. There can be all kinds of distractions at home, and even if there isn’t, you can still find yourself flicking through the TV channels, eating everything in site, and generally not doing anything. These are the secrets freelancers use to stay focused!

Exercise In The Morning

Exercising in the morning will wake you up, as well as release endorphins for the day. You’ll feel much happier doing your work, and you’ll likely get much less stressed out.


Meditation trains the brain, and it can also train you to stay focused on one task. Download an app to help you.

Take A Cold Shower

Cold showers can wake you up instantly and help you feel ready to tackle the day. They’re not nice while you’re in them, but you’ll feel great afterwards.

Block Sites From Your Computer

Always on Facebook? Checking the sports scores? Block these sites from your computer during your set ‘work hours’.

Have A Set Routine

Having a set routine is one of the best things you can do for getting everything done in a day. When you don’t have a routine, you can get bits and bobs done, and still feel like you haven’t done anything at the end of the day. By coming up with a set routine and sticking to it, you can be sure you get your priorities ticked off your to do list. Take a look at the infographic below for some freelancing ideas if you fancy it!  

credit to PONBEE

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17 replies on “The Secrets Freelancers Use To Stay Focused

  1. Fantastic post, a number of avenues that many people could explore. I freelance mostly with languages and coaching, so writing and translating are telework. But I still spend way too much time driving around this town for face-to-face training …. Thanks Kally!


  2. Love these tips! Especially blocking social sights. It can take hours to write just one article because of constantly flipping to Facebook and Insta, so i definitely need to just block them.


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