When you go into business for yourself, become a consultant or go freelance, it can often feel like an incredible step to taking control of your earning potential. And it is. But, going solo also means you have a lot of responsibility. From bringing in the cash to getting new customers and then ensuring the work itself is up to scratch, you can often have a lot on your plate. But, that shouldn’t ever make you feel stuck, or like you’re drowning. Instead, if you ever feel like it’s all getting too much, look to these services for a bit of support.

IT Management

Regardless of your entrepreneurial nature, or what kind of industry you operate in, you will need a certain level of IT services. Sometimes, you can get by with the basics, but if you’re going into big business and need a lot of equipment to get you started, or even later on down the line, you might find that managed IT services save your skin. Not only do you have support there waiting for you, some of the functional pressure is taken off too.

The Cloud

Years ago, we all used to print out files and store them away. Now, everything is online. It is likely that you will get some paper copies in the mail, or have to print the odd thing off for whatever reason, but you will find that the majority of your business operations are doing online. So, cloud services can often be crucial. Not only can you make sure all of your work is safe, but you can also have a large amount of storage to keep you covered too.

An Accountant

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the entrepreneurial world, or you’ve been in it for a while, you could really benefit from accounting services. Unless you’re an accountant yourself, of course! Taxes can be tough to handle if you’re not that way inclined. Numbers can be a lot, so if you think you’d mess up your taxes, talk to an accountant. You might also find that they can take on the invoicing and accounts process for you as a part of their service, saving you even more time and energy.

A Virtual Assistant

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If that’s how you feel, and you always find yourself spending time on things like emails or databases, you might benefit from hiring a human. Now, you might not want to commit to having a member of staff just yet, but a self-employed virtual assistant (VA) could be exactly what you need. VAs can take on the little tasks you never have time for and ensure that the admin side of your business runs as it should.

Local Networks

One of the things they never tell you about going into business on your own is how lonely it can be. But, as a solo entrepreneur, you can still network with the best of them. There are so many ways that you can meet useful connects that are similar to yourself, or even meet up to co-work with others. You just have to put yourself out there to find out.

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21 replies on “Solo Entrepreneur? These Services Will Make Your Life Easier

  1. A week full of great articles again dear Kally.
    I am (still) updating my website (www.dreampack.org) and wanted to ask, if it’s ok to add a permalink to your website at mine. Off course with your name/logo displayed with it.
    Hope all is well with you and your little princess. Big hug, XxX

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    1. Hey, Patty!! I’ve been super busy taking care of little princess and myself as both of us have fallen to the victim of flu.. 😷 Yes, please add a permalink. And thank you so much for doing that!! Big hugs and take care, my dear friend.

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      1. Okidoki. Will let you know as soon as I’ve done it.
        For now; take good care and wish you both a quick recovery! Sending you healing strength, XxX


  2. These are great tips Kally, but you forgot one group: the marketers and publicists. A lot of small businesses either don’t have the time or know-how to market their business on their own. That’s how we get our clients. 🙂

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