The internet has revolutionised the way business is conducted. No more do you need a physical premises of sorts, today you can operate a business from your lap if needed with simplistic ease. You don’t even need to move from bed. Some businesses have made millions this way. Look at Amazon, they only exist in the online sphere. There are others too, like Uber, who use the internet to run a taxi booking service. The internet offers many kinds of ways to get into business. You can sell your product through it or your service, advertise, the list goes on. There are certain hints and tips that you need to succeed. Although the online business is easier to set up, there ar still deadly mistakes to be made. These tips can help you succeed. You may have already thought of some of them, which is great! But read on because the tips could stoke further ideas.

The website is the main thing you need to focus on. It is essentially your store front, the first thing people see that represents you. It needs to be right, it needs to look perfect. Find yourself a decent ecommerce agency and ensure you tell them exactly what you want. The more you tell developers the more you get back from the developer. If you leave them with a little amount of instruction it means you will end up with a less precise website. Get down into the detail and really sort things out. It can make all the difference when your site is launched.


Before launching, you need to perform stress tests. Ensure there is nothing wrong with the site. If you launch with issues it will affect your reputation as a business. You also need to look at the layout. Is it easy to navigate? There should be no dead links. Try to keep the number of pages to a minimum too. If it were you on another site you found confusing you would leave for another website. Don’t let this happen to you or you’ll lose sales. Consider doing a customer listening group beforehand. They can give you great feedback to work from and could point things out you may not even had realised. Remember to get a wide-ranging group of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexes too so you get a wide-ranging appraisal.

You also need to look at SEO. If people don’t know your site exists then they aren’t going to go there. You need to ensure it appears high on a search engine and that you target the right advertising streams to ensure people know about your site. You should also harness the power of social media. Create a business page and post key quality content from it. The content needs to be relevant and sprinkled with links back to your website and product pages. Don’t be tempted to use click bait like tactics, it annoys people and they will think less of you, limiting the power of your new advertising.


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    1. Thank you for your comment!! Let me know if you hit any obstacle in your journey as a new entrepreneur. It’s an uphill task and it gets lonely along the path to success.


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