Nowadays, technology is pretty a huge part of our lives. Whether it is Twitter or, everyone is connected on the World Wide Web. Those who followed me on MiddleMe since day 1 will know that I’m not very big on social media and online presence. However, no matter how much you hate having your photo floating around Google servers, it is equally important to showcase yourself out there digitally as much as physically.


If you have Twitter, good for you. A Facebook, sure. Snapchat? Great. These are personal social media tools that give your future bosses or clients a personal insight into your character, personality and perhaps what you stand for. But it isn’t enough. Even having LinkedIn is not enough, because LinkedIn is only showing your professional CV and unless you have a multitude of volunteer activities, your profile is similar to the thousand profiles on the same platform.


So what leave us then? Creating your own website. It is not difficult. If you have your own blog, you are already halfway there. Instead of using your current blog (unless it enhances both your personality and your work experience), create neither a different blog or a different page, representing both your interests and your experiences in a good light. If you don’t have your own blog, it is easy and free to create one with WordPress, Blogger etc. Perhaps the only thing that will be causing you a headache is to figure out what domain name for your website.

It doesn’t mean you should delete your Facebook or LinkedIn. Think of having your website as an add on to whatever you already have. You don’t need to housekeep it regularly unless there are new experiences to include, just like your resume.


So instead of giving everyone (including listing in your physical resume) all your social media accounts, your email address and your phone number, you can have this information listed on your website and only need to give out your web address.

Whether you are considering a change in your job, on a hunt for new clients or just contented with your present role, take time to create a website of your own. What are you waiting for?

Do you think it is a good idea to have your own website? What kind of information should you upload on your website? Share your comments below!

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19 replies on “Everyone Should Have A Website

          1. Interesting idea Kally ๐Ÿ™‚
            @ Daal; a fantastic host with great and fast support is Siteground. I transferred my Dreampack website to them last year and best decisions since a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

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          2. great info, Patty – would love whatever wisdom you could pass along in terms of websites – you mean you use siteground instead of free wordpress?

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  1. Hmmm… I have been thinking about getting a website and starting a new blog but I’m also thinking I would have to get web hosting right? And then domain name… I’m not sure yet on how to go about it. I have a account and I can create a new blog but the premium is something I don’t want to get yet.

    I’m in that place where I want to share what I have to say but don’t want to be “ogled” or looked into by others. You know when you blog there’s a higher chance of lesser privacy at some point, right? I dunno. I just haven’t decided on doing it all yet even if some part of me wants to just do it already.

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    1. Hey Lucy, welcome to MiddleMe! If you want a private limited blog, you can have it blocked publicly and only share parts of the posts with a link to those you want to share. As for hosting and domain names, you donโ€™t have to purchase them if you donโ€™t want them. You can just use the default that WordPress provides. Only when you want to bring your blog publicly, then perhaps you can consider purchasing a domain name for easy reference for others.


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