*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

It only happened recently this year and as much as I would thought I would beat myself up or feel ashamed of my actions, I actually don’t. I do believe that my means justifies the means.

Before you jump into conclusion that I am a slut because of the title of this article, not that I mind being called a slut, just that I am a guy. I know, it’s an unfair world we live in while the females get to be name bashed and we walked away free, probably proud of our conquests. Please do not hate me. Although I said I am not ashamed of my action, I am neither proud of it as well. I don’t go around boasting to my friends nor kiss and tell in my workplace. This is the first time, and likely to be the last time that I’ll admit to sleeping with my boss to get something out of her.


We all give something to get something in return, don’t we? In some way or another, we give love in hopes of getting love back. We give our time and effort at work, in order to get our salary. We volunteer in charity work and get self-happiness and satisfaction back. What I did was unethically exchange for something I deserved.

I have been in the company for five years. In this five years, I have never been promoted and my salary increment is a figure that won’t even create a dent in my wallet. Mind you, it is not that my performance is not on par. It is just due to a series of unfortunate events. I was due for my first promotion after my third year, I meant it was already verbally agreed upon during my appraisal but it did not happen when the company had to downsize the following year. I am grateful that I was not let go during that downsizing exercise but my ex-boss was not that fortunate.

So for the next two years, I worked my arse off for a new boss when the company decided to merge the two departments together. I managed to score and exceed expectations and results for a number of major projects particularly last year but my new boss was more into trying to impress our CEO and getting into his good books rather than to watch our performance.

She wasn’t a bad person in general. She is only a few years older than me, graduated with a prestigious overseas degree and rumoured to be classmates with the CEO’s son. She is also pretty, accompanied with a nice personality. The opportunity just came across one night when we were out late after visiting a client’s office uptown on a Friday night. We stopped over for a couple of drinks to wind down before heading back to the office to conclude the day’s event. I think alcohol brazened us and one thing led to another, the affair started in her office and it lasted for six months.


I was free as a bird, wasn’t tied in a relationship but neither was I looking for one. Instead of making my stand clear, I did deliberately mislead her thinking that there could be something more. Appraisal for this year came around in July and I made sure that she wrote in black and white that she promised the promotion I deserved.

A surprising turn of event, she confessed to me last month that she had to end our little office affair because her ex-boyfriend had proposed to her and she wants to go back to him. Well, it was no harm, no foul to me since I wasn’t that into her. Last week, I did get the letter of promotion with effect from 1st of 2017 and there will not be any conflict of interest with her since, with the promotion, I’ll be joining another team.

No, I don’t think I’ll make it a habit and do it again. Such opportunities don’t present themselves so easily anyways and probably this is a one off incident. Ultimately, I felt it was a win-win situation with me sleeping with her.

*As told to Kally by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

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25 replies on “Whisper: I admit I slept with my manager to get a promotion

  1. I think this has happened in all areas where looks, sex appeal and willingness to doing more than just your job has existed for years.
    I am not shocked a man did this. People justify their actions but I would worry about “karma!” 😉

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