Welcome to Part 2 of this article, if you have not read Part 1 last Friday, you should go back and enjoy that bit too! Office party – often a great way to celebrate the whole year’s achievements and let your hair down a little to enjoy yourself and build relationships in the workplace. It can be a rewarding experience with awesome opportunities to network around colleagues from different departments. However, you may come across some of the characters that accompanied office parties and here are some of them:


The Drunk
He behaves like a starved man who hasn’t eaten in months. He tries to drink as much as possible and down his poison like there is no tomorrow. He will try his best to get anyone and everyone to join him, even edging the Wall Flowers to a drink or two. If nobody joins him, he will slouch at his corner, with a bottle of whisky and glass. Before the evening ends, he disappeared into the gents and never to return to see the light again.  


The MIA (Missing-In-Action)
She is the one going around the workplace, asking everyone who they are bringing as their dates, what they are wearing. She seems to be super excited about the party even volunteer to come in early to help out with the party decorations. However, you’ll never see her in the party at all. You might ask her whereabouts the next day, and she will tell you that she is at the party but from her shifty eyes, you know in your guts she is lying. 


The Hunk
He is the eye candy of the whole company. Without his presence, your work life have no meaning anymore. You drag yourself off your bed every morning just because you’ll miss his morning greetings or his manly perfume. Even he did not dressed up for the party, you think he is just the dreamboat in his white shirt rolled up sleeves and sleek black pants that hug that tight behind of his. So what that you are married, with 5 children and 7 grandchildren, one can daydream, can’t they? 


The Journalist
You’ll find your unglamorous photos of you piling your plate at the buffet line for the third time or a video of you teaching the Wall Flowers how to do the Gangnam Style steps correctly circulating around the office after the party is over. This is the work of The Journalist. She spared no one and she will capture the worst moments at the party. She even dished out gossips that she heard or scandals she has seen during the party. Doing anything that crosses the line, you will be sure that the HR director will be calling you to his office the next day. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.31.54 am

The Creep
He is a decent genuine guy during work. He holds the door for you, he offered to take that heavy file off the top shelf for you, heck, you even went out for lunch with him a couple of times. He is always respectful to everyone, charming even to the cleaning ladies and always come to work with an extra cup of Starbucks Latte for the receptionist. But when it comes to the office party, he turned totally creep on the ladies. Maybe it is the dimmed lights, or the music, or the alcohol… Something about the office party that he suddenly became the creep that stared at you for a really long time like he has never met you before and tries to cope a feel every now and then. He’ll claim he had too much to drink and did not remember a single thing if you challenge him the next morning. 

Hope you enjoy my list of 10 characters you will find in an office party! Please do take it light spirit and a pinch of salt. See if you recognise anyone in your office with the same character!

Share with us in the comments if you see a character not listed here!

Have an amazing start to a new week!

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20 replies on “10 Type of Characters You will Bump into in an Office Party (Part 2)

  1. Lol ! What a funny post. I loved the categories, especially the Hunk. 😊 You got a beautiful blog here dear. I saw you allow guest posts. Blogging is no child’s play, I just got my 10,000 hits today and I know what hard work went into it. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to allow me as well. My email is blueindigopink@gmail.com. Keep up the good work and keep smiling always. 😊🌹❄️🤘🏻

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