As I waddle my way into the third trimester, I really wish I can give each and every pregnant career woman a huge hug! Not that if you are pregnant and not working, you are not as important but I’m amazed how someone can be miraculously creating a baby inside her, wakes up at 6 or 7am in the morning, be immaculately dressed and dolled up, be in office on time, participants endless boring meetings and still make it home in one piece after an hour commute in the subway, under the jostling of tired folks in suits.

That is one amazing feat!

Not to mention if she has more than one child, she still has to juggle another hyperactive toddler while trying to put dinner together and clean up last night’s dinner.


I wake up every day at 8am, sorry to correct that, I rolled off the bed at 8am in the morning to prep for breakfast for my family otherwise, I’ll get hell (of meows) from my cats. Then I’ll switch my two laptops on (Mac for graphics and Lenovo for data) and start my day by working on some stuff on my clients’ projects. Sleepiness starts to creep in around noon and I will need to constantly take 10 minutes break every half an hour so I don’t get backaches. Yup, pregnancy and backaches go hand in hand together, just like frequent visitation to the bathroom.

By the time I am into the work groove, it’s time for my lunch and a bunch of colourful prenatal pills that the nice pharmacy ladies kept promoting every time I popped by my gynaecologist’s office. After lunch, I am induced into a food coma and I really need to take a nap. According to my cats, it will take a thousand cats to lick my face before I will stir from my deep sleep. (Yes, they tried it and failed terribly.) Usually, it’s a 3 hours nap before I start writing for or until the baby kicks to signify it’s time for a tea break.

Then it’s healthy snacking while I furiously finger banging on my keyboard or I conduct interviews on Skype or in the midst of discussions with my clients. Until the time for me to stop and whip up our dinner and feed the family. This is just the normal daily routine, not mentioning doctor’s appointments and all the additional classes like prenatal, hypnobirthing, yoga, breastfeeding, Lamaze…., oh the list goes on.. And then add on the baby seminars, talks, exhibitions…


With so much going on, I don’t know how my pregnant girlfriends survived 9 to 6 work every day. Some of them confessed that they snuck in some winks during their lunchtime, willingly to forgo a meal to curb their fatigue. While some kept their sugar high by munching on chocolates so their energy level will be up. I must say I count my blessings every single day that I am having it easier than the rest of the women out there.

And for this, I salute to those who need to struggle through morning sickness (which doesn’t happened only in the morning or during first trimester), depression (it is more common than you think), hormonal surges (all those mood swing and acne!!) and horrible backaches while still being productive, contributing to the society and earning a living to sustain the family.

You deserve a big hug and a pat on the back, all mommies-to-be!

23 replies on “Salute to Pregnant Working Ladies Out there

          1. That’s what dads are for, to worry. Take care of yourself and the baby will be fine, with parents like you the baby will be amazing. Tell your other half not to fuss you know what you’re doing! He can worry all he wants as that goes with the territory love to you all (baby included) once cooked enough baby will appear xoxo

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          2. I hope he did, not taking anything from him but I never understand why some dads don’t or won’t help out. It takes 2 to make a life and I love being around my children and grandchildren. Even though the eldest is a pain most of the time (my daughter). Anyhoo take care and get daddy to help out, he’ll support you and he can take on so many of the tiring tasks love to you all Kally xoxo

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          3. He is absolutely the supportive and caring husband that I’m really very fortunate to have. I agree with you when you said that it takes 2 to make a life and it is extremely important that a dad participates as much as he can in a child’s growing years.

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  1. Just a single dose of overeating makes me feel stay at home all day, but it’s really marvelous how you folks carry more than that & still make it look super-easy to all while it’s not even close to super-easy! πŸ™‚ Congrats, and wish you a safe & wonderful motherhood ahead..

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  2. You are doing a great job, Kally. It is hard. When I was pregnant, I worked until 6 weeks before the due date, I loved my job as everyone was so nice to me and helpful. When I made a mistake they all just said, it’s ok , your hormones, go home early….. I loved it! I had lovely colleagues back then.

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