I came across a meaningful and informative article last week and the website has full of articles that are very helpful. Here is the article that I would like to share with you all…

Recruitment has become one of the most rewarding careers in the world of work and labor. Despite the stress and fatigue that also comes with the job, seeing the end results becoming positive gives a certain satisfaction to the people who chose this career path. Recruiters can be unanimous when we say that the end-goal of the process is to be able to hire talents and finally create placements to the open opportunities. This goal, however, will involve several different techniques and strategies that each recruiter is comfortable in using. The purpose of this article is to create different representations and fun descriptions of who recruiters are and negate from what they are as recruiters. When talking about what they are, this would mean their specializations being: Contingency Recruiters, Retained Recruiters, Outplacement Recruiters, Staffing Recruiters, and Consulting Recruiters. Who they are as recruiters – meaning – their personalities, traits, styles, and also their quirks. Also, the focus of this will be recruiters who are working for Executive Search companies since it is in this organization that we can observe diverse and dynamic recruiters.

  1. THE NEOPHYTE. This type of recruiter is someone new to the recruitment world. The Recruiter is fresh, idealistic, but unaware of what he or she entered when chose the recruitment field. As a starter, The Recruiter has a lot to prove to be able to make a mark in the industry. This recruiter thinks that recruitment is a simple process just by calling candidates, setting up interviews, and submitting profiles. Little does he or she know that there are more processes involved. But despite the lack of knowledge this recruiter has, The Recruiter is motivated, hungry for knowledge, and very eager to learn. The drive this recruiter is equipped with makes him or her a fully-functioning individual and soon becomes an asset to Executive Search companies. Being a neophyte doesn’t mean the recruiter can’t succeed with little experience, it means that he or she is able to start a path that can lead towards a long-term success. Also, great recruiters were once humble beginners too, right?

  2. THE VETERAN. When there is the presence of beginners, this means that there is also the presence of tenured recruiters. This is the type recruiter who has become a veteran in the field and industry of recruitment all because The Recruiter has been recruiting for decades already. This recruiter have witnessed majority of changes in various recruitment platforms and strategies. For this recruiter, with age comes knowledge, this means that he or she is able to fully understand demands from clients and concerns from candidates. The Recruiter has effective recruiting techniques that new recruiters are unaware of but will also need to take time to learn about current recruitment trends and strategies as well. This type of recruiter is someone who other recruiters look up to in an Executive Search firm.

  3. THE OWL. When everyone is resting from a hard day’s work, this recruiter is still up and alive working at night. The Recruiter doesn’t seem to mind the time for as long as he or she is being productive. This recruiter might not be picking up the phone and making calls to candidates but he or she is awake to check on other sourcing channels for fresh talent and quality pool. The Recruiter is also up creating and formulating strategies and techniques to have better results and outcomes. This recruiter will not rest until he or she has the results and will not stop until is satisfied. The attitude that this recruiter have is something that other recruiters want to develop in themselves as well.

  4. THE INVISIBLE MAN. Rarely will you find this recruiter in his or her desk in the office. The Recruiter is always out of the office to attend to several business-related errands. He or she may be out interviewing a candidate, or attending a meeting with the client, or this recruiter might be out creating business opportunities and partnerships for the company. This recruiter’s calendar is already fully-booked and jam-packed. The moment you see The Recruiter in the office, he or she is just in to get a document and directly heads out in a blink of an eye, and you didn’t even get the chance to chat and talk for a while. This type of recruiter might not be always present to know what’s happening in the office or to ask how his or her colleagues are doing, but rest assured, all the efforts and everything The Recruiter is doing will certainly benefit not only him or her but also the recruitment firm and its employees.

  5. THE PREACHER. This type of recruiter will call out to all the saints in times of hardships and difficulties and in the event of triumphs and victories. The Recruiter is able to function, perform, and deliver through his faith and by not having to compromise everything that he or she believes in. And as professionals, it must be important that we have superior beings, whom we believe in to keep us afloat when the going gets tough. So we can be tough. So we can keep going.

  6. THE PERFECTIONIST. No, this recruiter does not have a behavioural disorder but this type of recruiter will not get off your back unless he or she has all the details from you. The Recruiter wants to make sure that all the information gets will be able to help you land a job (if you are the candidate) or get the perfect candidate for the job (if you are the client). This recruiter sees to it that The Recruiter did not miss out on anything and that everything is in place – or that the recruitment process is followed accordingly. This recruiter has a good eye for details and that gives him or her the upper hand especially when sourcing for candidates, talking to clients, and setting up partnerships.

  7. THE 007 RECRUITER. Give this recruiter the job and he or she gets the job done. The Recruiter will go the extra mile and hunt for the perfect profile and will deliberately follow instructions from the clients. This recruiter would appear sharp and presentable, knowing all the details and is capable of probing for more information. This type of recruiter is well-known in the industry and every company wants to hire him or her – because of the achievements and track record. This recruiter is respected and reputable, working hard until he or she does not have the need to introduce himself or herself anymore.

“Recruiters are not machines, they are all wired differently and their internal circuits are made up of different traits and personalities. The information mentioned above are not exact representations of all the recruiters you will meet and this article is not created to judge or ridicule. This is a fun way of realizing that recruiters are different in their own special and quirky ways”

About the Author :

Angelo is the Managing Director of Harper & Hill Executive Search Inc, specializing in Senior Management positions in executive search in Emerging Market in Asia. He managed full spectrum of senior level placements and worked with multinational clients in Asia, Africa and Europe. He travels across asia pacific region for his assignments.

Feel free to connect with him or follow him on LinkedIn Angelo Cenon Valdez

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