Over the weekend, someone forwarded two YouTube links to me and made me cry. I couldn’t help it, especially when I feel so much for the underdogs and the dark horses of our society. 

Video 1:


Video 2:


These two videos were meant to educate my fellow countrymen of the discrimination that foreign workers felt when we criticise and judge them the way we did but to me, such discrimination doesn’t stop just in Singapore but throughout the world, and it is cruel and meaningless on how we treat migrant workers. Whether they are construction builders, laundry washers, dish washers, domestic maids, they contribute to our society. They do no harm to us when in fact, many of them made our lives easier, taking on jobs when no one wants for a paltry wage. 

What has happened to us? That made us so judgmental and insensitive to others’ feelings. Are we that materialistic and blind to realise that Filipinos, Mexicans, Latinos, Burmese, Bangladeshis, Indians, Chinese and much more are humans who in our country looking for a job opportunity to earn a decent living? 

Whether you hate them for snatching away job opportunities from you or blaming them for your neighbourhood increased crimes or even just because of their increased population in your country, don’t direct your distaste at them. Look at your country’s foreign policies, look deeper within ourselves, the market demands what used to be our wants into our needs, the overly commercialised world.

Let’s be nice to them today, whether it’s a greeting or a smile. Let us thank them in our own little ways for being a part of our society and helping us. 

Share your thoughts on this article. Have you seen mean tweets or bullying about them in your country? What are you thoughts? 

8 replies on “Discrimination of Foreign Workers

  1. I haven’t witnessed exploitation first hand, but I do know through media reports etc that it exists here in Australia and it is one of the things that I find very offensive. I get very annoyed when I hear people say that foreign workers are taking ‘our jobs’ – No they are not!! More often than not, they are doing the jobs we Australians are to lazy to do or jobs we think are beneath us. I have heard of farmers here who have had to plow crops back into the ground because the cannot find workers to do the job. It is disgraceful. Good post MM.

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    1. I agree that in most countries, it’s the jobs locals don’t want and that need to be filled that lead to the growth of immigrant communities. While the locals complain of unemployment….

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  2. I believe there has been a language issue with some immigrants for over 100 years, maybe not to the extent that it is today. But Scandinavian people coming to the US a hundred years ago, their language seemed to be made fun of to a certain point. I believe nowadays people just don’t have the good neighbor qualities that they should have with all people! Many don’t treat other people the way they want to be treated. Are we getting to be robots with no feelings??

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