Today, I am proud to announce that MiddleMe has crossed over to 1 year old! Woohoo!

MiddleMe has started out as a website dedicated to dish out career advices and share my own experiences with people who are seeking for articles that speak to them, not in a way of using just facts and figures but to touch them with true life stories and experiences relating to work life. Even after its transformation in many ways including adding on new columns like Relocation and A Word of Advice, MiddleMe has always stay true to her roots – to make sure each post is relatable and easy to read.


There are many folks out there I love to thank for the success of MiddleMe but most importantly are my loyal readers whom many have became friends and correnspond with me via emails, Facebook and Twitter. You are the reason that I found inspirations and motivation to write each and every article in MiddleMe.

Before I end up being all teary eyed and babbling, a HUGE THANK YOU to all my readers for your comments, your HUGs, your unwavering support.



35 replies on “Happy 1 Year Old!

      1. You’re welcome! :). I’m not always logged into wordpress but I do read your posts in email notifications :). I had no idea you were only a year old, I thought you’d been going a lot longer! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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