Technology may be the bane of invasion of your personal life as you get another ‘ding’ at 4am in the morning to tell you know your boss is sending his first email in the morning. There are ways to avoid being the slaves of technology. Before I advice you how to switch off, you need to hear the good stuff first.

I never like laptops although my house is scattered with a lot of laptops. I prefer the undeniable speed of desktop and the huge screen in front of me so I don’t have to squirt my eyes. Mostly it’s the speed that I love. Guys love their fast cars and go vroom vroom? Kally love her fast bandwidth and I can go yay yippee yay yay. But laptops are here because of mobility (really?), I have to lug my laptop from meeting rooms to meeting rooms, even to the cafeteria because after lunch, I’m going to another meeting. No, absolutely no time to stop by my desk to pick up my laptop, it stays glued to my hips. Then comes the accidents… My left shoulder ached due to the weight of the laptop, then the accidental slip causing the laptop to crash on the concrete floor (thank goodness, the 15 inch MacBook Pro is hardy) but the floor now has a crack, then it’s the spilling of my soda onto the keyboard because I was lost in thought, trying to work and eat my lunch at the same time. After that, my boss banned me from bringing my laptop to lunch. Without information at my fingertip, I became restless and instead of going to lunch at the cafeteria, I began to sneak sandwiches and salads to eat at my desk when everyone gone for their lunch breaks. Pathetic? Yes, but I do enjoy the envious eyes that follows me to the exit as I waved goodbye to them on time at 6pm.

telephone-586268_640Mobile Phone
Need an alternative, need to work on my emails. What better way that to have my work email and my personal ones too, in a device I can carry around my pocket? Then I discovered the wonderful world of apps. Words, Excel documents and Google Drive all under my thumbs. Plus, as the very latest in mobile internet technology, 5G can offer a variety of benefits including faster speeds and processing time, meaning I can get even more done on my phone than ever before, and I can type and edit anywhere I want to. I can even project my keynotes up to my projector for my meetings too! I would have prepared my reports on my mobile on the way to work. Saving some 15 mins for a good cup of Earl Grey in the morning while my peers rushed theirs in time for that 9 am meeting. Thank goodness for touchscreen too, I used to have to trim my nails to non existence due to Blackberry keypad. It’s only a matter of time, I started to…..

Yes! All those apps on a bigger screen on my iPad. No more lugging the laptop home and no more taking out my heavy laptops at the airport customs and have the officers stared down at me as I take out not one but three laptops out from my haversack. All thanks to iCloud syncing. I became the most updated person in the office! I replied my boss’s email within mere minutes and not having him breathing down my neck at my desk because I am hiding at my cafeteria, munching my third waffles for the day. Please don’t care how I get my work done because I will get it done efficiently and effectively while my mouth is full of chocolate sauce carbs. Yes, my iPad have chocolate sauce prints on the screen.

Healthy behaviour? Nope. Efficient? Yes! End of doing overtime at my desk? Almost. Creative? Definitely, I don’t have to note down my ideas on a notepad and wait until I get my hands on a keyboard anymore.

And yes, this article, in fact most of my articles are all typed out via my iPhone so I can do other things at the same time like getting my ironing or my nails done. Don’t asked me how I managed to avoid dropping my iPhone into the pot of soup I’m cooking while typing this out. It takes a lot of practice and talent and a drowned 64GB Gold iPhone 5s before I can juggle effectively.

Hmmm.. Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade to a iPad Pro?

50 replies on “How technology change the way I work

  1. Every night I make sure my tab and phone is in silent mode……at morning for sure I forget to shift it in general mode and I miss some of impotant calls daily…….Friends and family are tired of my this habit and I swear to them not to put my phone on general mode but the vicious circle goes on and on and on. I so hate the ping sound of notification.

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  2. Finally someone proud to admit they are addicted to there cell phone and tablet! I catch crap all the time because I’m playing on my phone, editing a blog, etc…. It’s 2015 not 1965 get on the techno wagon or shut the hell up!

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    1. Haha! Hi Gary, so we are on the same boat here. Like you, I often catch scanty remarks on why am I on my mobile again. Now it’s getting worse because I use my mobile for WordPress as well. People thought I do nothing all day but play games on my mobile… *rolling my eyes*

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  3. I’m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.


  4. Wow.. So Nice. Bt I always like to do work with pc.. I feel more comfortable with it. Bt, ya other side wen u r in roaming mode Tabs n laptop r definitely able to solve ur prblm.. Ty


  5. How technology has changed the working life. Unlike you I have 2 laptops only, I work in support and the client wants a totally unique network so I have one for him and another provided by my company. Because the client wants out of hours support I have to carry both laptops with me between work and home. This is finally making me fitter and thinner, lol. When do we get time to sleep? Never unless we can cat nap during the day during some much needed downtime.


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  7. I have to agree that technology grants you an amazing ability to carry a large amount of files, have these wherever you are but virtually across all types of devices!


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