Recent movies I’ve watched like Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War, all have a subliminal message that even you are doing something great for mankind but not everyone agrees with you, there are always someone who will try to bring you down, impose certain rules and policies, making it tougher for you to do what you do best and what you believe in. Even with X-Men, it is always humans not trusting mutants and want them to be monitored and controlled.


It is almost the same in our real life. In the workplace, you may be doing what is right by the customer and the company but not everyone agrees with you, may even backstab you to get even or spread gossips about you to bring you down. In the perfect world, it shouldn’t be like that. In the perfect world, those who are doing great should be rewarded and appreciated. But we are not in the perfect world. As harsh as reality is, I believe in compromising everything to achieve the best situation in the best possible way.

Impossible? No. Tough? Yes.


It is almost like a war dance. You advance one step ahead, back down two steps behind. We all have our own opinions and ideology on how some businesses should be conducted or how some processes could be better but not everyone can see everything in the big picture, not even the CEO him or herself. That’s why we have meetings and debates and discussions. To brainstorm ideas, share thoughts and argue about details.

Everyone feels for the little guy, but how many will see from a top down point of view? From bottom up, you’ll have the customers aspect, the bottom line employees welfare and the productivity rate. From the top down, you’ll have the shareholders demands, the media, the profit margin and the market share.

For a good worker, whether he or she is a front line staff or a manager, big or small role, if each of us can try our best to see from different perspectives and understand the bottleneck of each department, each position and each responsibility, you will gain a much clearer insight and give a well rounded solution.


Ultimately, like the superheroes, no matter they are the bigger heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, or the smaller heroes like Ant Man and Hawkeye. Everyone have a part to play and no role is too small because everyone matters.

What are you thoughts? Come and share with us in the comments below!

18 replies on “Superheroes with Super Problems

  1. Comment? Worn out with comments even with posts and such? Everybody seems to be too busy with their own lives to stop for a minute and reflect on the value or not of such a life.

    Even so? By the power of love from on high? I keep going! On & ON I go. Will somebody listen? Will somebody care? Father knows. He leads me all the way. I’ll go even when? I don’t know! 🙂 Check me out. Now Primary Domain:
    His love in my heart for you as always, thiaBasilia.

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      1. lol Worn out! Time for u to encourage me with a comment on
        Reason? I have found out that most people is not like you. People do not read posts, only like or follow them to get themselves a like or a follower to up their ranking? It breaks my carnal heart but? I keep going by the power of love from on high and? That’s where you come in! I need that love to manifest itself through your loving comments. I know you care.:-)

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        1. Awww.. Big hug! I just left a comment on your latest post! You are one of the most beautiful person I’ve ever come across in the blogosphere. Keep it up, my dear!


          1. Ha! My Kally? I been in the most horrendous of computer blunders I met in 30 years plus! My does not exist in my computer! In other computers? Yes, it shows. But not in mine, so?

            I have not been able to work on it. I have not been posting. I have not been checking anything for the last few days! I been intense in fixing this holy mess I got myself into just because? I am so ‘smart’! lol

            Things are beginning to come back to normal somehow. Check the dandy of a post I will post next. Maybe today. love u!

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  2. A very valuable point to make, too many folk with middle positions in the chain ‘swagger’ and ‘sneer’

    Retired now but here’s recollections from my days in the UK Civil Service:

    1) We dealt with finding jobs for folk. So we used to visit various places to get a feel for the work environment . We met this chef at a local prestigious hotel; he really loved his job and all that it involved. While showing us around the very busy kitchens he stopped us and pointed to someone washing dishes and said ‘Now without them, the whole kitchen comes to a halt’ and then explained their correct title was a ‘chef de plonger’.

    2) In another location in pre-computer days the offices would be awash with files and correspondence to be linked with files. The apparent lowest of the low was the ‘CA’ (Clerical Assistant) who filed everything away and ‘linked’ the post….. I knew more than a few team managers who would swap any of their team but their ‘CA’ who knew where everything was and made sure it was kept it in order.

    Like most retired guys I could go on, and on, but….. I’m learning


  3. A hotel with a timeshare aspect is probably the best example of two philosophies at odds with each other.

    From the guest perspective, they want a beautiful room and property. They want cleanliness! So to them, the most important is the housekeeping staff. The sales staff, even though they probably bought into the system because of them, are a nuisance.

    The management expects perfection from the housekeeping staff and yet, they are paid the least. All the money (excessive amounts) is pumped into Sales.

    Sales have big parties with rock stars and get bonuses that are close to what the housekeepers get in a year and the housekeepers are paid barely enough to get by on. Then they wonder why it is so hard to keep the scores up and the housekeepers from leaving.

    No matter how good a salesman is, no one will ever pay for a unit if the place is a dump! And the lop-sided system plods on.


  4. You are right, Kally. We single unit should and better work for a wide achievement in the end. This is how it should be. But sadly, this isn’t in practice as much as it should be.


  5. Superheroes with Super Problem Another one of your great posts. You make a great analogy between good and evil. In the business world, it seems evil prevails for the sake of profits. That is so sad and wrong. The business world needs many more people like you, with feelings and heart and the knowledge of good. You care about the difference between good and evil. You inspire other people with your abilities. Hopefully they can learn from working with you. Instead of trying to bring you down.


  6. How true! It is difficult to continue doing good considering the rising external pressure to stop us. When super heroes have super problems, what to say about a common man who has no go. Thought provoking 🙂


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