As I am happily slurping my noodles in my regular ramen shop, I noticed there are different kinds of workers in the restaurant and how they actually dealt with their work. Instead of staring at my mobile while I eat (I was dining alone), I decided to observe each of them. See if you can identify yourself in any one of them.

singer-250933_960_720.jpgThe Singer
He whistles and sometimes mouth the words to the song playing in the restaurant, as he cooks up a storm in the open kitchen. It is pretty entertaining for those who actually take notice of him and not so, for those who find it as a noise nuisance.

The Forgetful One
She brought my iced green tea but forget to accompany with a straw. She serves up my bowl of noodles without chopsticks. Often, she could be seen rushing to and fro from tables to tables, apologizing as she approach.


The Enthusiastic One (very me!)
He will be the one shouting across the restaurant, “we have a new customer!” and rushed to seat me even before any other employees able to react. He will hang around your table, hoping that you will drop your napkin or your spoon so that he can swoop up the item and change a new one for you within seconds.

The Tai Chi One
He will be standing at the corner of the restaurant, not really doing anything but seems to be busy with everything. At the peak of incoming patrons, he is often found in the restroom with a convenient stomachache. Β 

The Sleepy One
It seems that she was out and about partying last night again. Her thick foundation can’t even conceal her panda eyes. She kept nodding off at the designated corner of hers. She forgets what I ordered and came back twice to confirm that I have ordered iced green tea and not hot green tea.

The Grumpy One
He is forever looking angry at something or someone. His face housed a permanent frown all the time. When customers asked to add more soup to their ramen, he mumbled under his breath and stomped off to the kitchen. However, compared to the Tai Chi one, he probably is more hardworking than him.


The Eagle Eye
Nothing misses his eye as he scan around the kitchen and made everyone wash the floor for the fifth time. Often the restaurant manager or the head chef, he sees every dirt or every piece of hair as the end of the world and would fire anyone on the spot who forgotten to wipe the rim of the bowls before serving it out.

The Gossip One
She loves to listen in to conversations among the customers and use it as gossip tidbits to add excitement to her day. Nothing escapes her ears. Whether it is two office ladies discussing work or it is a father and son talking about their weekend trip, she knows it all. She loves to hover around tables to catch the latest bits.


The Joker One
He never misses an opportunity to crack lame jokes. Sometimes, it brightens everyone’s day but most of the time, it just irritates others and distract them from their work. He is harmless but just don’t know when to stop.

Now let me clean up my delicious bowl of ramen…

See anyone with similarities you know? Share with us in the comments below.


27 replies on “What kind of Worker Are you?

  1. Love this article, Kally. I’ve come across most of them in my time eating out. Usually when I go to Chinese restaurants here in Melbourne, I will usually get The Sleepy One – most of these places I frequent have young waiters and waitresses, probably uni students so in their free time they like to make the most of their life πŸ˜€ But that said, that is no excuse to dish out poor customer service. You are hired to do a job.

    I also find that in these Chinese restaurants I get quite a few waiters who don’t have the heart to serve me. They will be chatting with their colleagues and it takes me forever to get their attention. They don’t serve water or ask if you want water unless you ask them to. At best, the food at such places tends to be mediocre πŸ˜€

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    1. That’s very true. What actually irks me is when these restaurants are not cheap yet I get poor service from them, not value for money. Unless their food is to die for, I probably won’t patronize again. You know me, I can’t disobey my tongue. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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