15 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 29 March

  1. Perhaps the reason for a conferance is to bring death to ideas, ideas do not come in conferences; a conference is a formal act, to keep the group on track to provide business as usual, a fools pride.

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    1. Hi Nena!! It’s been awhile and I missed you!! Glad you pop by and tell me your move!! Was it difficult to switch over to self hosted site? I heard you lose readers… I am tempting to switch but the thought of missing out any of my readers is enough to deter me..

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      1. Thankfully I was able to have my subscribers move:) The main thing is that the posts won’t show up on the Reader, but they will still get an email notification. I used the free service on wpbeginner.com. They migrate your WP site for you to your new host if you purchased one of their recommended hosting sites. Makes it a complete breeze!

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        1. Big hugs!! I’m glad you’ve been well and moving on to self hosted website means you are moving to a greater heights!!

          Thanks for the recommendation and advice on the migration bits.. I still on the fence here due to the Reader portion. I know many folks like reading posts on the reader, makes it easier for them to ‘like’ and comment. Ugh! If only I have guts like yours…

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          1. You concern is very, very understandable. It is what held me back from doing it for so long. I have been able to add features to make it easy for my WP peeps to like, comment, and even follow. But not showing up on the Reader is a bummer:( I’ll be here for you, Kally. If you ever decide for self-hosting, you will not be alone:)

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          2. Thank you so much, Nena.. Big hugs! I do hope in the near future that WP decided to have both .com and .org blogs on Reader and make it even more seamlessly when comes to migration.

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