In our lives, we meet people from all walks of life, those we don’t click with, we can always choose to walk away and those we like, we remain close to them. In a work environment, you don’t such luxury. If you don’t like a person, you might even have to grit your teeth and smile as you work alongside with the coworker. Even if you do like the person, depending on your job nature, you might not want to get in too close with the person at all.

Today, in lieu of the fun spirit of the festive season, I shall list the different types of colleagues you may have in your office. You may find some of the characters rather familiar.


Drama Mama
Nothing is too little for her to exaggerate. Even if someone has a mild verbal warning from the boss, you can be sure it will be turned into Mount Everest. Usually makes the best team with Gossip Royalty.

Location: Sales Department, Marketing, Public Relations

Identifier: Loud dressing with equally loud chunky accessories


Gossip Royalty
I choose to use Royalty because I do know a couple of guys who are much bigger gossips than we ladies. Haha! Nothing is too small a detail for them, they even noticed a manicure that Tom from HR got over the weekend. Nothing is too private for them, even Janet from admin suffers from constant diarrhea is a gossip fodder to them.

Location: Finance, Accounting, HR

Identifier: Always surrounds themselves with groupies to hang on to each gossip. You can always find them in the pantry or hanging around the coffee machine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.01.38 PM

Little Missy

They often gasped in delight or commented how easy every task is until you ask them to help. The only way they chipped in a group project is by using their mouth to instruct people or provides useless opinions.

Location: Management, Sales Department, Marketing

Identifier: Often decked in the latest fashion trend and never seen in the same outfit more than twice in a month. May have a little sidekick following around.


The Meanie
They are mean, not the usual I-am-not-feeling-too-good-so-I-am-mean-to-you but the daily I-just-hate-being-here mean. They pretend not to hear you when you call out to them. They prefer to slink into their cubicle and hope no one sees them because they hate to be disturb. If you ask them for a favour, they will reject you unless it is an order from his boss.

Location: Almost everywhere except retail, customer service, Sales Department

Identifier: They wear a black grouchy face to work every single day. You can’t miss it!


Often mistaken as The Meanie due to their shy nature. They just hate people interactions, especially with strangers. They can deal with 1 to 1 but avoid office parties at all costs.

Location: Accounting, Admin, Finance, Logistics, Warehousing

Identifier: They tend to blend in a wee bit too much. Try looking beyond the crowds, you might spot them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.52.21 am

Ballsy Dude
He swaggers into the office every morning. He hardly breaks a sweat even you told him that the BIG boss is looking for him. He always have a twinkle in his eyes for the ladies and would stop at nothing in order to get you to go out with him.

Location: Sales, Public Relations, HR, Retail

Identifier: The male scent or the overpowering perfume of his is enough to sniff him from miles away.


Sugary Sweetheart
She’ll never say no. To anything. She’ll run errands for you even it means to walk in the pouring rain and walk 5 miles to get your favourite cupcake. She’ll come to work on a Saturday to do filing for you from A to Z and not claim overtime. Bosses love her enough to keep her but never enough to promote her.

Location: Reception, Admin, Accounting, Customer Service

Identifier: Her desk is either in the shade of Princess Pink or Sunshine Yellow.



As this post is long, I am splitting it into two parts. Any character you think I have not pointed out? Input in your comments below and I shall put it in part two before I publish it out.

(Please do note that this article is meant to be taken in a lighthearted way and is no intention to label anyone or diminish anyone’s personality.)


29 replies on “Co-workers Galore (I)

  1. I identify with the Royalty person. I see a combination of these traits in a lot of colleagues at work. For example, the regular whiner- who is usually thought to be a woman but in recent years is often a man,for whom, nothing is enough- not the salary or its perks or his room or his work table or anything. But he/she has a group of “friends” or sidekicks in a lot of departments around the place because of course, complainants find company. If they have found a group of similar thinkers, then their courage goes up and then they start playing politics. That is instigate one against the other, playing on one’s insecurities and generally playing mind games. They watch from aside as fireworks play between people they have instigated against one another. They might have a personal grudge against one of the warring colleagues, whom he/she has set off.
    Since most time is spent in playing politics, very little of work actually gets done and when promotions and perks are denied, then they take it as a personal affront and start this process all over again.
    They play from behind the scenes. I like to think of them as researchers in human psychology who start off a process and watch it from the side.

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